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Photo by Daniel Schludi on Unsplash

Recording children singing in stereo

One of my favorite podcasts is Random Tape. The description reads, “A cabinet of auditory wonders for the 21st century.” An older description captures the podcast better, “Random Tape is a radio show that features bizarre voice messages, rants, poetry, music, found recordings and other Random sounds.” The most recent episode, “Este Mundo“, is a […]

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Hyperallergic podcast: episode 1

Hyperallergic’s new podcast is ok

Hyperallergic is one of the art websites that I regularly enjoy; therefore, it’s exciting to hear they are now doing a weekly podcast! To give you a taste of Hyperallergic’s fun stories, here’s some of the most recent articles from the 77 articles that I’ve saved to Evernote over time. A City Where Trees Tweet […]

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The Chicago Slushie talks

Podcast about architecture personas

Do you ever feel like creating personas for your favorite buildings? In this podcast, I explore a couple art project ideas to give fun identities to architecture. I have 18 podcasts recorded in 2009. Every week, I will post one of the episodes on Soundcloud. The first podcast is about adding personality to buildings. Below […]

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