Pop culture

A radio station that plays entire albums

In an age of streaming singles, imagine a station that celebrates whole albums, providing insights between songs. It’s a deep dive into the artistry behind the music. 📀🎧

Hot Wheels specs its car colors with Pantone colors

Ever wondered about Hot Wheels’ color choices? A recent peek into their office revealed a dazzling display of car bodies, each labeled with Pantone hues. Surprising, yet inspiring, it’s a fusion of creativity and design standards!

Market mistakes with Jawas

The following is a story about me discovering a Star Wars card on eBay featuring a Jawa. I discovered later that this is a digital card, not a physical card. I wrote the story like I’m a Jawa getting hoodwinked by another Jawa. Utinni! I so feeling sad and zapped, fellow Jawa! I thought hit …

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