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cable has been ordered

I have become one of THEM, for today I have ordered cable! I have never had cable in my life, the only time was freshman year in college. What convinced me? Spongebob Squarepants. He has me under his spell. The Spongebob Spell! Looked into getting a digital antenna. A co-worker has it for her plasma …

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G.I. Joe vs. The Transformers #1

Is out right now! I opted for the Metratron and Cobra Commander cover. Although I’m more of an autobot fan, the Optimus Prime / Snake Eyes cover just wasn’t as cool.

lisa’s birthday

For lisa’s birthday. i got her the napping book, some spongebob squarepeants coloring books (cuz we were looking for some a couple and could not find any cuz lisa and her sister wanted to color). And i got her a stress turtle. It’s a turtle that sings, but it’s really loud. I told her that …

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Amazon return

A good friend bought me something from amazon.com, but the wrong item shipped. Now I’m sending it back, and they will send me the correct item. I thought I’d have some fun with it, and leave them a sticky-note with the CD I’m returning. Hey amazonial dudes,These ain’t the right tunes! Spongebob just simply cannot …

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I saw SpongeBob Squarepants in person

I was going on a Walgreens break with a fellow SpongeBob fanatic, and he told me, “Matt look it’s SpongeBob!” At first I thought he meant like a SpongeBob t-shirt. But across Michigan Avenue by the Walgreens was a LIFE-SIZED SIX-FOOT TALL SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS. I ran across the median dodging the Michigan Ave traffic and …

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A movie outside my window

A movie is being filmed outside my window. As I was walking back to work from lunch, I checked it out. I stood with the production crew along with the monitors and stuff. When they finished the scene, Josh Hartnett came over by me and sipped on his Starbucks coffee. The movie is “Wicker Park“.

new emoticons

Tom and i just perfected the “pothead” emoticon. *–`—] : ) Tom made his excellent death by chocolate cake today. it’s spongebob squarepants! [8^D]|]= to add to the collection: alligator `—–,—,–“< person and shark in ocean ~~~~~^~~~~~\o/~~~~~


Two new emoticons developed through instant message today! pothead (it’s a flowerpot on top a smily)*–`—] : ) spongebob squarepants[8^D]|]= Check out how these wonderful ascii creations evolved. pothead created by IM with : )]TomTool71spongebob created by IM with ]=]DaynaGreen214


Watched some silly rescue show with lisa. Ugh, she said cuz she watched WWE the night before. But then I managed to slip in some Spongebob Squarepants. Patrick and spongebob were selling chocolate door to door, so I ate some of my spongebob chocolate while watching them sell chocolate!


went to lisa’s. drove to papa john’s in the snow. Lisa ran over the median. Watched Spider-Man. Was impressed with spider-man Lisa gave me a nice valentines card with some spongebob squarepants chocolate!!!


my spongebob squarepants zipzap is just bringing me so much joy