Pop culture

A movie outside my window

A movie is being filmed outside my window. As I was walking back to work from lunch, I checked it out. I stood with the production crew along with the monitors and stuff. When they finished the scene, Josh Hartnett came over by me and sipped on his Starbucks coffee. The movie is “Wicker Park“.

new emoticons

Tom and i just perfected the “pothead” emoticon. *–`—] : ) Tom made his excellent death by chocolate cake today. it’s spongebob squarepants! [8^D]|]= to add to the collection: alligator `—–,—,–“< person and shark in ocean ~~~~~^~~~~~\o/~~~~~


Two new emoticons developed through instant message today! pothead (it’s a flowerpot on top a smily)*–`—] : ) spongebob squarepants[8^D]|]= Check out how these wonderful ascii creations evolved. pothead created by IM with : )]TomTool71spongebob created by IM with ]=]DaynaGreen214


Watched some silly rescue show with lisa. Ugh, she said cuz she watched WWE the night before. But then I managed to slip in some Spongebob Squarepants. Patrick and spongebob were selling chocolate door to door, so I ate some of my spongebob chocolate while watching them sell chocolate!


went to lisa’s. drove to papa john’s in the snow. Lisa ran over the median. Watched Spider-Man. Was impressed with spider-man Lisa gave me a nice valentines card with some spongebob squarepants chocolate!!!


my spongebob squarepants zipzap is just bringing me so much joy

darth vader

did darth vader ever shoot a raygun in the star wars triology?

Peaceful protest in Chicago

Due to the large showing presence of the Chicago Police, the annual world protest was a peaceful one. I like how some of the police were so decked out that they looked like Galactic Storm Troopers from Star Wars.

star wars

I saw Star Wars: Clone Wars today in a DIGITAL theatre. I was hoping for a longer Yoda fight scene. I would write more about the movie, but I don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t seen it yet.

radio tower on the moon

Claudio Maccone for Astrodynamics in Turin, Italy is proposing that a radio tower be built on the “radio oasis” on the “shielded zone” of the moon to observe “clean” radio waves from space that aren’t cluttered up from planet earth and its manmade satelites. Story 1, story 2 Now if we just build a Death …

radio tower on the moon

yoda lightsaber master

The main reason Yoda will be only computer animation this time around (and not a puppet) is that, to quote Lucas, “Yoda will finally show why he is called the Master.” He will be using a lightsaber.