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universal greetin

gsomeone did a search for “transformers universal greeting wreck” on google and they got my sitehere it is: “Ba weep granna weep ninny bang” from my transformers movie script page.

Yoda Supastar

In the next Star Wars film (Attack of the Clones) Yoda will yield a light saber with “maneuvers as quick as his speech is circuitous.” Time Magazine states. “A Gandhi turned Rambo, Yoda is the real action hero of the film.” And Yoda will run! Can you imagine?

cheap pc

I’m looking to buy a cheap PC. yes, it’s true! I am inviting the death star into my own apartment! Not to worry, my Mac will still reign supreme. There’s been too many things that i want to do on a PC, that I can’t do on a Mac. The most recent item added to …

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Stormtrooper robot?


Were the stormtroopers in Star Wars human or robots? I think they are humans.

Roll out (transformers and president bush)

President Bush’s state of the union address announced a new creed for America, “roll out.” Isn’t that from Optimus Prime leader of the Autobots in Transformers? “Autobots, transform and roll out!”

CIA copycats Ghostbusters

The CIA has just revealed its new “Terrorist-Busters” logo. You have to see it to believe it…It looks just like the Ghostbusters logo of yesteryear. I feel safer already. Initially, I thought the logo was the brain fart of some loose cannon, but it is actually listed on the CIA’s official War on Terrorism page.http://www.cia.gov/terrorism/buster.html

2002 a palendrome year

Next year 2002 is a palendrome. You can flip the number around and it still spells the same thing backwards and forwards. What will that spell out for the year? A balance of good and evil? Will G.I.Joe and Cobra get along? Will the autobots live peacefully with the Decepticons? This palendromic year thing only …

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Mr. T on art

go to the link on this page for Mr. T on art.Mr. T: The Toughest Sounds In The Worldhttp://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Set/9540/mrsound.html

Mr. T, croquet and duct tape

Amazing, I found a site that has Mr. T, croquet, and Mr. Potato Head all mentioned on one page!!! And here’s one with: Mr. T, croquet, and duct tape

It's a Mr. T Christmas card, 2000

Mr. T Christmas card 2000

While in Chicago during Christmas, Mr. T lost his shoe. Help him find his shoe in the many photos of Mr. T in Chicago at spudart.org/christmas! I bought a handmade Mr. T doll off eBay in 2000 as a joke. The amount of detail is quite surprising on this doll. Apparently someone in the 80s …

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