Come defeat me in the March Madness

I laughed at the thought of hosting my own March Madness group. So I made a group on all of the three big services. Come join! One of the groups has a CRAZY point structure.

14-year-old Shaun White gives 9 wise words

A 2001 interview shows quite a bit of wisdom from the 14-year-old Shaun White. Points like respect for elders, being willing to admit what he doesn’t know, and the importance of community.

Don’t cut up the remix

When scrolling through Spotify, many remixes of songs aren’t all that great. I’m sorry, but in many cases I like the original more. Remixes often tend to be flat, lacking depth. But that’s because I’m listening to the remixes in the wrong way. When you listen to an hour-long remix, it seems so much better. …

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Third place trophy

The NFL consolation game could outdraw the Super Bowl this year

This year both NFL conference championship games ended with controversies. The New Orleans Saints lost to the Los Angeles Rams in overtime. Some say the Saints should have won due to some officiating mistake. The Kansas City Chiefs lost to the New England Patriots. Honestly, who wants to see the Patriots in another Super Bowl? …

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1989 Donruss Cameron Drew & 1991 Fleer Joe Bitker

How to find your Epoch Evil Twin

I have two baseball players that are my Epoch Evil Twin. Cameron Drew and Joe Bitker. What is an Epoch Evil Twin? And how do you find yours? Let me explain. What is Epoch? Programmers needed to assign a unique number to every second in existence. To do this, everyone needed to agree upon one …

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Saskia Alusalu, Carlijn Schoutens, Mark Engel, Mae Berenice Meite, Elizabet Tursynbaeva, Taylor Henrich

Olympic athletes that play the violin

Which Olympic athletes that play the violin? Six athletes from the 2018 Winter Olympics list playing the violin as one of their hobbies. Spanning countries of Estonia, USA, Canada, France, and Kazakhstan, they include a flag bearer and a bronze medal winner! 1. Saskia Alusalu The first one on our list is Saskia Alusalu, the flag …

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Where is the next...

Where is the next…

Type a search into Google for “Where is the next…” and it will auto-complete your search with three suggestions: Solar eclipse World Cup Olympics All three are global events. Large global events. Although aren’t solar eclipses more of a local event? Each eclipse occurs in only one spot of the world. The Great American Eclipse …

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