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Yahoo deletes helpful and fun questions

Yahoo Answers is like the Wild West for questions. You can ask anything; and the general public answers your questions. With the general public giving answers, you get a range of helpful answers to completely stupid youtube-like responses. It’s a mixed bag, and that’s what partly makes it fun. Anything can happen. Yet, Yahoo will […]

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The ewok line

Why does Yahoo hate Ewoks?

Yahoo deleted my question, “Why do ewoks like croquet?” Everyone knows that ewoks love to play the game of croquet. They are woodland creatures, croquet only makes sense for them to play in their habitat. Ewoks are also extremely playful. They would play croquet all day long. Perhaps Yahoo think that Ewoks don’t like croquet. […]

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Backs of famous baseball cards

Can you guess what famous baseball card this is? [Answer]. It would be fun to take the 45 most iconic baseball cards of all time and show just the backs of the cards. You’ll enjoy more posts about baseball cards: Backs of famous baseball cards Critique of Dick Perez’s Grover Alexander painting The crazy backgrounds […]

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Donuss Diamond Kings

The crazy backgrounds of Donruss Diamond Kings

Warning! Crazy backgrounds! All these paintings were done in the 80s and early 90s by the official Baseball Hall of Fame artist, Dick Perez. One has to wonder what was going through Dick’s mind when he created these backgrounds. He finishes up a portrait and now has to add a background. Perplexed what to add, […]

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Second to last row!

Scoreboard watching or on-field watching

When at a sporting event, do you spend more time watching the video on the scoreboard or the field? It’s tempting to watch the big screen, because it’s able to zoom in on the action better. But then, what’s the point of being at the stadium? I like watching live sports, because you can look […]

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$500 for one pack of baseball cards

Topps is selling packs of eight cards for $500. That’s right. $500 for one pack of baseball cards. Here is my email to Topps: Dear Topps, your Five Star cards will scare many people away from collecting any cards. This $500-per-pack is an image destroyer for your brand. You may reply with, “well, this is […]

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