Screenshot of 11,848 files on my MacOS desktop

Have you ever accidentally copied 11,848 files to your desktop?

I was trying to move over 11,000 family photos from a group of folders into one main folder. Something must have slipped while I was dragging the photos over, because all 11,848 images appeared on my desktop! Here’s how it looked on my dual screen: Some people have a messy desktop with icons covering every …

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The tweet with the ID number 1234567890987654321

Ever notice the ID number in a tweet’s URL? Take a look at the URL structure for a tweet. Here’s a tweet I made today: Every tweet is assigned a unique ID number. Over time, this ID number increases sequentially. The first four digits of this example tweet today is 1237! Just a bit …

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Don’t cut up the remix

When scrolling through Spotify, many remixes of songs aren’t all that great. I’m sorry, but in many cases I like the original more. Remixes often tend to be flat, lacking depth. But that’s because I’m listening to the remixes in the wrong way. When you listen to an hour-long remix, it seems so much better. …

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Collecting sketchbooks of today

I love how the art museums have collections of loosely-drawn sketches. Makes me wish they would collect sketchbooks from artists today. I know, I know. You have to be “historically significant” to become part of their collection. The sketch featured above was drawn in 1650 by Jan van Goyen. The Art Institute obtained it over …

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Maximum size for emoji in Outlook email body

Just in case you were wondering, if you tried to make an emoji really big in Outlook, the maximum size is 466 point. If you set the emoji at 467 point, it will disappear. Almost like it explodes from being blown up too big.

Matt, your concepts are worth publishing.

When spam texts are encouraging

Spam text has to be one of most annoying forms of online communication. It feels like an invasion of privacy. HOW DID YOU GET MY NUMBER?! But today I got a spam message that was rather nice. Well, if you have to receive spam text, it might as well be encouraging. I didn’t click on …

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