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so many tweets with zero replies

Responding to every tweet for one day

All those tweets in the world with no reply. People putting their thoughts and observations out into the world. But then left hanging. Is anybody reading? Or do most people on Twitter post tweets, and not read tweets? What if for one day, you responded to every single tweet in your stream? Ok, that might […]

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Twiter sleeping, napping, vacation

Giving up tweeting for one week

I’m thinking about giving up tweeting for one week, and instead write out all my thoughts and reactions on my blog. So far this year, I’ve been having a lot of fun blogging more. In the past decade when I have an idea, I would head to Twitter and blurt it out. Now, writing out […]

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The better date format: YYYYMMDD, DDMMYYYY, or MMDDYYYY?

Do you ever put the date in your filename on your computer? If so, what date format do you use? Take today, January 9, 2020. Here’s some ways you could date your file: “Jan 9, 2020”“1-9-2020”“9-Jan-2020”“09-01-2020”“2020-01-09”“20200109” I love dating all my files and folders on my computer using the last one in this list, “20200109” […]

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Using Machine Learning techniques on babies

Programs like are so fascinating. You give the program a photograph and an artwork, and then it transforms the photograph to look like the style of the art. A photo from my parents wedding combined with Juan Gris’ “Portrait of Picasso” generates a cool result. That’s a deep learning algorithm called neural style transfer. […]

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Giving meaning to every pixel in a QR code

My work locker is stuffed with candy. Actually, it’s overflowing with candy. I take breaks throughout the day, and stand by my locker snacking on all sorts of candy. It’s my attempt to eat less candy at my desk. Today, I rather enjoyed the quiet of the locker area. Our new workspaces at Tribune are […]

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Google image results for: art

Go to and search for: art. That’s it—just one word: art. What do you think you would get? Images of the Mona Lisa or other famous paintings? Google gave me images of splashy colorful art. What results did you get? Please take a screenshot and reply to this tweet: As we know, Google personalizes […]

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