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Google Streetview at night

Google Streetview at night

Almost all of Google Streetview’s images come from the daytime. Makes sense—that’s when you can see things the best. Today, I came across some nighttime shots on Google Streetview. The noise in the photos is fascinating. Almost like some sort of magnetic waves emanating from the Google Streetview’s radar. Maybe these are radar lines! Then […]

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New artwork every day as your Chrome’s homescreen.

Get a new painting every day as your browser’s homescreen. I love the Chrome add-on, Google Arts & Culture. They display quite a range of artwork from famous artists to lesser-known artists. And if you don’t like the particular artwork for that day, you can simply skip it by clicking the refresh option. I rarely […]

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My 4 year, 9 month old iPhone 5s with cracked case

How old is your current phone?

Linkedin says about a HYLA Mobile report: Americans are waiting an average of 2.83 years before upgrading their smartphones, says HYLA Mobile. That’s compared to 2.39 years between upgrades in 2016. Sounds fairly reasonable. I’m on a bit more of the far end of spectrum. I’ve had my iPhone 5s for 4.77 years. I’m hoping […]

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mini collage

Search one word in your bookmarks

Apple finally updated their Mac Mini model today, after four years of neglect. I love the Mac Mini. I have an old model that I use as a hard drive server. I couldn’t remember the model number of my Mini, so I headed to pinboard where I keep over 12,000 bookmarks. Doing a search for […]

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non-notable artist

The wikipedia for non-notable people

Last night I was looking up guerilla art, specifically the wikipedia page. Looking through the history of changes to the page, someone recently removed an artist name, because they said the artist was a “non-notable”. Which is the wikipedia rule. Non-notable people cannot have their own Wikipedia page, nor can they even be mentioned in […]

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Invisible camera

What happens when you use an invisible camera?

If you take a photo while you are invisible with an invisible camera, what is recorded on your camera? To be clear, both you and your camera are invisible. Tech expert Sparxmind makes a great point: If the camera is invisible, there’s nothing for the light to hit. So it can’t record an image. But […]

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IBM 50-quant supercomputer, photo from Engadget

Quantum computing exists, and it looks pretty crazy

Quantum computing for anyone! Every month you get 1 free minute of processing time on D-Wave’s quantum computer. What sort of things would you like to process with a Quantum computer? Cybersecurity stuff? Secure telecommunications? Transportation logistics? I might opt for baseball probabilities and simulations. Jennifer Houston, SVP of Marketing at D-Wave, told Engadget: “Before […]

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I love saving webpages. That’s the truth. is such a fundamental service for the internet. It’s so awesome that everyone has the control to be able to specify webpages to archive onto their service. They even have a cool javascript bookmarklet that allows you to submit webpages. Super easy! javascript:void(‘’+location.href)); Add that as a […]

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