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Don’t cut up the remix

When scrolling through Spotify, many remixes of songs aren’t all that great. I’m sorry, but in many cases I like the original more. Remixes often tend to be flat, lacking depth. But that’s because I’m listening to the remixes in the wrong way. When you listen to an hour-long remix, it seems so much better. […]

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Collecting sketchbooks of today

Village on Sunny Hillside by Jan van Goyen I love how the art museums have collections of loosely-drawn sketches. Makes me wish they would collect sketchbooks from artists today. I know, I know. You have to be “historically significant” to become part of their collection. The sketch featured above was drawn in 1650 by Jan […]

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Scan of Twitter and Instagram icons

Do you spend more time on Twitter or Instagram?

Where do you spend more time? Instagram or Twitter? Just now I realized, I spend a lot more time on Twitter (specifically Tweetdeck) than Instagram. The cause of my realization came from a photo on twitter from someone I know (and very much respect) Little messages like this are the sort of thing I used […]

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Hunting for the end of the long tail

I love the tagline on @readTedium’s Twitter profile, “Hunting for the end of the long tail”. Oh, the long tail. It’s all the things that aren’t super-popular. The head is all the hits. The long tail is the rest—the obscure stuff. Most people chase after the popular hits, ignoring the long tail. This tagline is […]

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Matt, your concepts are worth publishing.

When spam texts are encouraging

Spam text has to be one of most annoying forms of online communication. It feels like an invasion of privacy. HOW DID YOU GET MY NUMBER?! But today I got a spam message that was rather nice. Well, if you have to receive spam text, it might as well be encouraging. I didn’t click on […]

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so many tweets with zero replies

Responding to every tweet for one day

All those tweets in the world with no reply. People putting their thoughts and observations out into the world. But then left hanging. Is anybody reading? Or do most people on Twitter post tweets, and not read tweets? What if for one day, you responded to every single tweet in your stream? Ok, that might […]

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