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Giving meaning to every pixel in a QR code

My work locker is stuffed with candy. Actually, it’s overflowing with candy. I take breaks throughout the day, and stand by my locker snacking on all sorts of candy. It’s my attempt to eat less candy at my desk. Today, I rather enjoyed the quiet of the locker area. Our new workspaces at Tribune are […]

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Google image results for: art

Go to and search for: art. That’s it—just one word: art. What do you think you would get? Images of the Mona Lisa or other famous paintings? Google gave me images of splashy colorful art. What results did you get? Please take a screenshot and reply to this tweet: As we know, Google personalizes […]

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Linked Open Data Cloud

Indexing the world’s art

When I look at my 63 art projects, it seems like a lot. Lots of art across a variety of things.  Yup, I just shared my complete list of art projects—both projects that are public, and the projects that are in concept stage. Barely anyone knows about this work. Barely anyone makes work like this. […]

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Magnifying text on a computer screen

The screenshot tool is so incredibly handy tool. (also known as screen capture on Windows). With the Mac, if you hit command-shift-4, you get a crosshairs to click and drag the area you want to capture. Today I accidentally dragged the cursor over a very very tiny section of my screen. Just 12 pixels by […]

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Website visitor counters still working in 2019

Remember those website visitor counters in the late 90s and early 2000s? Man those were so cool. They clearly demonstrated two things: Many, many people are looking at the same thing as you. It’s not the webpage you are visiting is some little thing hidden. Thousands of people have seen this same site as you! […]

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Google Streetview at night

Google Streetview at night

Almost all of Google Streetview’s images come from the daytime. Makes sense—that’s when you can see things the best. Today, I came across some nighttime shots on Google Streetview. The noise in the photos is fascinating. Almost like some sort of magnetic waves emanating from the Google Streetview’s radar. Maybe these are radar lines! Then […]

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