Don’t cut up the remix

When scrolling through Spotify, many remixes of songs aren’t all that great. I’m sorry, but in many cases I like the original more. Remixes often tend to be flat, lacking depth. But that’s because I’m listening to the remixes in the wrong way. When you listen to an hour-long remix, it seems so much better. …

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Collecting sketchbooks of today

I love how the art museums have collections of loosely-drawn sketches. Makes me wish they would collect sketchbooks from artists today. I know, I know. You have to be “historically significant” to become part of their collection. The sketch featured above was drawn in 1650 by Jan van Goyen. The Art Institute obtained it over …

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Maximum size for emoji in Outlook email body

Just in case you were wondering, if you tried to make an emoji really big in Outlook, the maximum size is 466 point. If you set the emoji at 467 point, it will disappear. Almost like it explodes from being blown up too big.

Matt, your concepts are worth publishing.

When spam texts are encouraging

Spam text has to be one of most annoying forms of online communication. It feels like an invasion of privacy. HOW DID YOU GET MY NUMBER?! But today I got a spam message that was rather nice. Well, if you have to receive spam text, it might as well be encouraging. I didn’t click on …

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Spotify family mix preview

Spotify family mix to combine everyone’s favorite songs in your house

This is so cool of Spotify to do! A family mix. Last year, we signed up for the family plan on Spotify. When we were all on my plan, the love of Disney soundtracks by my three-year-old daughter was screwing up my song recommendations. Everything in my recco list was being dominated by Disney. Plus, …

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so many tweets with zero replies

Responding to every tweet for one day

All those tweets in the world with no reply. People putting their thoughts and observations out into the world. But then left hanging. Is anybody reading? Or do most people on Twitter post tweets, and not read tweets? What if for one day, you responded to every single tweet in your stream? Ok, that might …

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Twiter sleeping, napping, vacation

Giving up tweeting for one week

I’m thinking about giving up tweeting for one week, and instead write out all my thoughts and reactions on my blog. So far this year, I’ve been having a lot of fun blogging more. In the past decade when I have an idea, I would head to Twitter and blurt it out. Now, writing out …

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