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Untitled spreadsheet on Google Drive

A poem for the “Untitled spreadsheet” in Google Drive

Ever work on a spreadsheet in Google Drive to do some quick sorting or calculation, but then never name the spreadsheet? I’ve done that so many times where I forget to delete the draft spreadsheet. Find all your untitled spreadsheets and documents in Google Drive by searching for title:untitled In the meantime, here is a […]

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Baby’s first glasses and Seth Godin

Facebook must be playing games with me. In my timeline is a video of a baby’s reaction to wearing glasses for the first time. Very cute, adorable. The round spectacles are pulled over the baby’s face; and he smiles a big grin seeing his mother clearly for the first time. Then the very next post in […]

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what is up with all the earthquakes lately? @robkingsbury

Reply to a person’s last tweet from six years ago

Who are the first ten people to follow you on Twitter? How many of those accounts are now inactive? Five of the first ten accounts to follow @spudart haven’t tweeted since 2010. Whoa! Over six years! The dates of their last tweets: @robkingsbury May 19, 2009 @kokuatraffic May 7, 2009 @samuelphilemon January 13, 2009 @worshipkitchen July 19, […]

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Nikon D610 best package deals

The best Nikon D610 bundle deal

If you are in the market for a DSLR camera, here’s the best combination to get. I did two months of research looking at all the various DSLR cameras. My 7-year-old Nikon D80 died after 32,000 cycles. It was time for me to get a new camera. Being a semi-pro photographer with a baby on […]

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feedly creativity sources

Where I find my inspiration online

Where do you go to find inspiration online? Twitter? Facebook? Instagram? Flickr? Websites? Possibly a combination of some of those? I’m going through all the artwork and artists that I’ve faved the past year. That means re-looking at all my Instagram likes, Twitter favs, Pinterest pins. I highly recommend that everyone look back at all […]

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Mockup Google results for googling a hexvalue

Googling hexvalue colors

When you Google a color’s hexvalue, the entire browser should turn that color. A couple other thoughts related to hexvalues: What are the most popular hexvalues used on websites? Certainly search engines that crawl billions of websites would have stats on what hexvalues are used the most. A google search for the Facebook hexvalue, #3b5998, […]

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Where is the awesome monkey power?

How is it possible that the hashtag #awesomemonkeypower does not exist on Instagram? Only seven results on Google. “Awesome monkey power” hasn’t been used on Twitter since 2013–and just once during that year. And one time for 2012 and 2011. Technically the phrase isn’t even used on twitter, because it’s cut across two separate sentences. […]

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