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Where I find my inspiration online

Where do you go to find inspiration online? Twitter? Facebook? Instagram? Flickr? Websites? Possibly a combination of some of those? I’m going through all the artwork and artists that I’ve faved the past year. That means re-looking at all my Instagram likes, Twitter favs, Pinterest pins. I highly recommend that everyone look back at all […]

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My 945 likes on Instagram in 2015

How to make a collage of all your Instagram likes in 2015

How many photos did you like on Instagram this year? I liked 945 Instagram photos in 2015. How do I know? I built this collage and counted the number of photos. How do you make a collage like this? Sign into¬†on the desktop.¬†Gramfeed’s desktop interface is much better than Instagram’s. Go to your favorites […]

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Mockup Google results for googling a hexvalue

Googling hexvalue colors

When you Google a color’s hexvalue, the entire browser should turn that color. A couple other thoughts related to hexvalues: What are the most popular hexvalues used on websites? Certainly search engines that crawl billions of websites would have stats on what hexvalues are used the most. A google search for the Facebook hexvalue, #3b5998, […]

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Where is the awesome monkey power?

How is it possible that the hashtag #awesomemonkeypower does not exist on Instagram? Only seven results on Google. “Awesome monkey power” hasn’t been used on Twitter since 2013–and just once during that year. And one time for 2012 and 2011. Technically the phrase isn’t even used on twitter, because it’s cut across two separate sentences. […]

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List of domains with art in domain

The value of seven-letter domains ending in

How much is the domain worth? Just the domain name itself, not the website. 1,610 domains are listed on Godaddy auctions that are four letters + The median selling price is $2,195. The list of domains selling for $2,195: […]

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The Invisible Scar by Josi Yingjiao Pei.jpg

A meaningful use of QR codes

An impressive show was put on by this year’s batch of BFA students at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. The expansive seventh floor of the Louis Sullivan Building on the State Street housed more than 300 artists’ work by students completing undergraduate degrees this spring. One artist’s work in particular stood out. […]

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Getting hammered at the Art Institute of Chicago

Get inside the artwork at the Art Institute of Chicago #GetInsideTheArtInstituteofChicago

Ever want to get inside the artwork at an art museum? Now you can! Several people on Instagram and Flickr have demonstrate how they interact with artworks in museums. These seven methods are collected under the hashtag, #GetInsideTheArtInstituteofChicago. A clever pun that says both “Get inside the artwork” and “Get inside the Museum” as it […]

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