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My 4 year, 9 month old iPhone 5s with cracked case

How old is your current phone?

Linkedin says about a HYLA Mobile report: Americans are waiting an average of 2.83 years before upgrading their smartphones, says HYLA Mobile. That’s compared to 2.39 years between upgrades in 2016. Sounds fairly reasonable. I’m on a bit more of the far end of spectrum. I’ve had my iPhone 5s for 4.77 years. I’m hoping […]

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mini collage

Search one word in your bookmarks

Apple finally updated their Mac Mini model today, after four years of neglect. I love the Mac Mini. I have an old model that I use as a hard drive server. I couldn’t remember the model number of my Mini, so I headed to pinboard where I keep over 12,000 bookmarks. Doing a search for […]

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non-notable artist

The wikipedia for non-notable people

Last night I was looking up guerilla art, specifically the wikipedia page. Looking through the history of changes to the page, someone recently removed an artist name, because they said the artist was a “non-notable”. Which is the wikipedia rule. Non-notable people cannot have their own Wikipedia page, nor can they even be mentioned in […]

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Invisible camera

What happens when you use an invisible camera?

If you take a photo while you are invisible with an invisible camera, what is recorded on your camera? To be clear, both you and your camera are invisible. Tech expert Sparxmind makes a great point: If the camera is invisible, there’s nothing for the light to hit. So it can’t record an image. But […]

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IBM 50-quant supercomputer, photo from Engadget

Quantum computing exists, and it looks pretty crazy

Quantum computing for anyone! Every month you get 1 free minute of processing time on D-Wave’s quantum computer. What sort of things would you like to process with a Quantum computer? Cybersecurity stuff? Secure telecommunications? Transportation logistics? I might opt for baseball probabilities and simulations. Jennifer Houston, SVP of Marketing at D-Wave, told Engadget: “Before […]

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I love saving webpages. That’s the truth. is such a fundamental service for the internet. It’s so awesome that everyone has the control to be able to specify webpages to archive onto their service. They even have a cool javascript bookmarklet that allows you to submit webpages. Super easy! javascript:void(‘’+location.href)); Add that as a […]

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Searching my flickr favs for Paris

Can I search through my Instagram favorites?

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t let you search through your favorites. You can see a grid of your favorite photos. But there is no search. If there is a photo you fav’d a while ago, and you want to pull it back up, good luck! You’ll have to scroll and scroll through your favs list to find […]

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