Two new emoticons developed through instant message today! pothead (it’s a flowerpot on top a smily)*–`—] : ) spongebob squarepants[8^D]|]= Check out how these wonderful ascii creations evolved. pothead created by IM with : )]TomTool71spongebob created by IM with ]=]DaynaGreen214

itunes switch

well, i think i’m making the official change-over from SoundJam to iTunes. My soundjam at home and at work no longer can use the cddb lookup feature, so when i try to convert a cd, it doesn’t automatically generate the title/artist/album. But iTunes does work. *sigh* goodbye soundjam, you were a great buddy.

the pipe conspiracy

Awhile ago, i pondered what’s the name for the | character? Now, I think there is a “|” conspiracy: it has no name it has no meaning it’s even spelled wrong on PC keyboards with the gap in the middle There’s gotta be some coverup on the | character. Thanks to DaynaGreen214 for the IM …

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Comcast Customer Service illustration

A freelance project where I provided this illustration and some words on a platter. They wanted a hispanic call center man, and an African-American women in a hard hat. They were to add their own words to the platter and to the circle.

macintosh racing games

I’ve gotten addicted to 4×4 Evolution racing game while on vacation. I’ve made the most complete listing on the web of Macintosh racing games.

eyeballs emoticons

some eyeballs i made up when i was writing an email to a friend about the Chicago Tribune’s new 18-34 newspaper, RedEye: (.) (.) watching (o) (o) alert (O) (O) on caffiene (-) (-) sleepin (x) (x) dead (^) (^) happy (‘) (‘) looking up -( )-( )- glasses (=) (=) squinting (@) (@) drunk

TMS Reprints website

Visit the actual website at: Client: TMS Reprints

my art on ebay again

Some of my art depicting 1970s tv stars* Erik Estrada “Ponch” of C.H.i.P.S.* Cindy Brady of The Brady Bunch* Mr. Kotter of Welcome Back KotterMy current auctions on ebay or check out my art for sale webpage. The price of my art is reduced for one week when it’s posted on ebay.

I’ve got artwork on ebay

* Red Gummi Bear drawing* Tootsie Roll drawing* Red lollipop drawingcheck it out at: Spread the word!

FluentMedia email newsletter

FluentMedia, the content solution from Tribune Company, delivers strategic information from the world’s premier news organizations directly to your intranet, extranet and public websites. This example is smaller than the real newsletter. View the full newsletter. Client: FluentMedia

Who can sell more art on ebay?

A bet was placed between my twin brother, a friend, and me. By April 23, 2003, the person who earned the most money by selling their art on ebay wins. Erik, my twin bro is the first to put art up. Check out his current auctions: auction 1 auction 2 Here’s the official websites of …

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