Who can sell more art on ebay?

A bet was placed between my twin brother, a friend, and me. By April 23, 2003, the person who earned the most money by selling their art on ebay wins. Erik, my twin bro is the first to put art up. Check out his current auctions: auction 1 auction 2 Here’s the official websites of …

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2002 PDA devices

New PDA?

I’m considering getting a new PDA (like one of them PalmPilot doo-dahs). I had one a couple years ago, but it’s been busted for a couple years now. Check out what I’m looking at.

Mac Enter; PC Return

What is the history behind why Macintosh has “enter” on its keyboard and why PC has “return” on theirs? There’s gotta be some reason why.

My email to NASA about Space Balloons… Don’t toss ’em away!

Balloons have been used for decades to conduct scientific studies. NASA balloons are constructed of thin, 0.002-centimeter (0.8 mil), polyethylene film, about the same thickness as ordinary sandwich wrap and are as big as the Louisana Superdome. In order to take down the balloon after the study is over, the fabric is ripped causing to …

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the new flat screened iMac

Apple had been super hyping this on their website for weeks with lines such as “it will change your life”“This one is big. Even by our standards”“Count the days. Count the minutes. Count on being blown away,”“5 days to MacWorld San Francisco. Beyond the rumor sites. Way beyond.” So i was thinking this was gonna …

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Tricks on reading email headers

Trickly little article that tells you the secrets behind how to read those confusing cryptic email headers

Chicago Croquet Squirearchy of Gentlefolk website

Extreme croquet club in the Chicagoland area that is like 19th century meets WWE. Croquet has a rich history of being an extreme sport in the late 1800’s. This site plays on rich decorative elements and has a lot funny content. Client: Chicago Croquet Squirearchy of Gentlefolk

FluentMedia website

FluentMedia, the content solution from Tribune Company, delivers strategic information from the world’s premier news organizations directly to your intranet, extranet and public websites. Client: FluentMedia

TMS editorial columnists & cartoonist email newsletter

A weekly html email newsletter sent out to newspapers editors that allows editors to sample the top commentators every week. There was a lot of different content and information to fit into this newsletter, so a strong separation of content is used by the blue boxes. Client: Tribune Media Services: News & Features department