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Do searches for palindrome phrases coincide with palindromic days?

This week marks the palindrome week where every day is a palindrome. (Technically, it’s not the last time in our lifetime, this will happen again on 1/20/21) 9-10-19 • 91-0-199-11-19 • 91-1-199-12-19 • 91-2-199-13-19 • 91-3-199-14-19 • 91-4-199-15-19 • 91-5-199-16-19 • 91-6-199-17-19 • 91-7-199-18-19 • 91-8-199-19-19 • 91-9-19 Let’s celebrate palindromes. The internet has lots of […]

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The word “fascinating” comes from witchcraft

The etymology of the word “fascinating” comes from witchcraft. That explains why people say “fascinating” slowly, as though one is in a spell. I looked up “fascinating” because my three-year-old asked me what that word meant. I thought that “fascinating” would be related somehow to facets. Like the facets of a diamond are fascinating. But […]

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Getting a BOOM boomerang

Have you ever used the interjection “BOOM!” when you think you are right, but actually you aren’t? If someone corrects your BOOM, they boomeranged you. Last weekend, I was explaining something to my three-year-old daughter. At the end of the explanation I confirmed it with a “BOOM!” But then she corrected me and gave the […]

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Learning to write a phrase in Hindi

My wonderful wife wrote a gracious message on my Facebook wall for Father’s day. In her message she mentioned, “joie de vivre.” Not knowing what this phrase means, I headed over to one of my favorite resources on the internet, Google Translate. The default language for translations—for some reason on my Google—was set to Hindi. […]

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Learning one new foreign language word every day for a year

My method of learning new words in another language: repetition This is how I’m thinking of doing it: Method #1: repetition Have Google Translate translate an English word into another language. In this case, Google translated “great” into the Estonian “suurepärane”. Here’s how it sounds on Google.Click the audio button 20 times. Enter repetition! Here’s […]

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coffee cardboard sleeve is called a Zarf

The name for coffee cup cardboard sleeves is Zarf

Those goofy cardboard sleeves around takeout coffee cups. What are they called? Today I learned they are called a Zarf. What an wonderful word. Zarf. How in the world is it such a cool word? Is that for real? Yes, it is real. Zarf is an Arabic word for vessel. According to etymonline, the usage […]

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Discussion for’s Word of the Day

The Word of the Day by is wonderful. Every day features a different, interesting word. Recent words include: dissemble, dopester, bewhiskered, fillip, grumphie, and univocal. The graphics are nice and brief. A very simple digestable explanation is featured on the graphic. These little squares are so handy—and sharable. If you’d like to dig a little bit […]

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