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Infographic listing 65 translations of

How to say “honeymoon” in 65 languages

Honeymoon is such an interesting word. The Japanese have a fun way of translating the word (as covered on my wedding blog). The French literally translates it as “moon of honey,” as seen on 1540s, hony moone, but probably much older, “indefinite period of tenderness and pleasure experienced by a newly wed couple,” from […]

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croquet you cant touch this

Croquet taught me the lyrics to MC Hammer’s U Can’t Touch This

The croquet twitter account @HammerTimeCroqu started following me today on Twitter. That is, they are following my croquet-dedicated Twitter account, @mightymauler. Yes, I have a Twitter account dedicated to croquet. Not just croquet, but my superhero alter-ego persona on the croquet courts, the Mighty Mauler. My Twitter account bio calls me “the croquet superhero.” This […]

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words with art in the middle

Words with “art” in the middle

“art” is at the core of “earth” so is: carte carts darts farts garth harts karts marts parts party tarts tarty warts warty Fun that art would be the core of farts, party, and warty. Then for 7-letter words, art being exactly at the center: dearths, hearted, hearten, hearths, pearter, peartly, quartan, quarter, quartes, quartet, […]

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Is there a difference between cross-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary?

Cross-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary both sound like totally cool concepts. Intersecting different areas of thought to generate creative results. But what is the difference between cross-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary? I posted this question across the internet. The answers fell into two groups. 1) Interdisciplinary is study in two different disciplines. Cross is study in one discipline that […]

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