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Volute stairs

Volute is related to the word revolve

The curly thing at the end of a staircase handrail is called a volute. Any architecture ornament that is a spiral is also called a volute. Today volute is’s Word of the Day. Volute. Why are curly, spiral things called volutes? Is volute based from some other word? TO THE ONLINE ETYMOLOGY DICTIONARY! The […]

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puns are illegal in germany (google translate)

Are puns are illegal in Germany?

Google translates “Puns are illegal in Germany” into “Wortspiele sind in Deutschland illegal” The word “puns” in German is “Wortspiele” That is so much FUN! Word fun! Clearly, puns are NOT illegal in Germany. The very word for pun is a kinda like a pun. Or wait—does speile mean play? Speile is games. Speilen is […]

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Six new ducklings born at @shedd_aquarium are spending their first days bonding with their mother: #ChicagoTonight

Search for duck puns on duckduckgo

I keep forgetting that I have duckduckgo set as my default browser. Just now I searched for duck puns in Chrome. Up comes the DuckDuckGo website with their duck logo, and “duck puns” in the search bar. Pretty amusing! What would be the equivalent experience on Google? It wouldn’t be searching for Google on Google. […]

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Triple all caps

I LOVE ALL CAPS Some people love emojis I love all caps LOVE IT I wish there was a triple all-caps button OOOHHH WWWAAAIIITTT TTTHHHIIISSS IIISSS TTTRRRIIIPPPLLLEEE AAALLLLLL CCCAAAPPPSSS Hey, can anyone program something that will take text and make it into triple all caps? UPDATE: Yes! Here is a cool TRIPLE CAPS CONVERSION TOOL […]

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baby name Velcro

How you can name your child Velcro

Velcro. Wouldn’t that be a great name for your child? Velcro, I’m stuck on you! I like to joke around with my wife that our 18-month-old daughter’s name is Velcro. Sometimes I’ll tell my daughter we almost named her Velcro. I love the name Velcro. But in our household that name will never fly–even as […]

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New definition for the word pigeon: a slow modem

A slow modem is a pigeon

Do you have a modem that is really slow? Then you have pigeon! If it takes a long time to load a webpage, you might as well load that page via a carrier pigeon. Thus, your modem is like a pigeon. I submitted this new definition for pigeon to Urban Dictionary: Word: Pigeon Definition: A […]

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This is artart

New word: artart

It’s kinda funny to type in the url bar: Art dot art. So arty, you have to type art twice! That should become a word. Art-art. Or simply Artart. In the art world, there’s high Art, and then the rest of the regular stuff. The two get rather confusing and blurred. But now here’s […]

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Die Spam: German

The German word for spam

What is the German word for spam? I was hoping it would be something awesome like, Schmerzlichmail. However, it’s simply “Spam.” But the article makes it fun… in the German languages there are three different ways of saying “the”: der, die, das. The article for spam is “die”, thus it is: Die Spam. I’d like […]

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Things to do, what to do...

Complete this sentence: Find stuff to s_______

The first item on this list is mysteriously covered up by the other sheet. What could it be saying? “Find stuff to s_______” This is a fun game: how would you complete that phrase? Here’s a few ideas: Find stuff to send to Big Bird. Find stuff to stuff into a stuffed envelope. Find stuff to […]

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I love asking questions

Asking questions

Asking questions and more questions might help you to brainstorm better. Instead of brainstorming answers, brainexplore questions. Tanner Christenson writes in Focus on brainexploring, not brainstorming, to have ideas: So I recently began experimenting with a new exercise for creative thinking, one that is less likely to lead to biases and much more likely to take […]

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