most popular color in the bible

According to the King James Version, here is the most mentioned color words in the Bible. 52 red 0 orange 4 yellow 41 green 49 blue 48 purple 4 brown 66 white 18 black 6 gray 361 gold 282 silver 0 bronze

books from the library

books pillow books * Great pillows! : 60 original projects : fabric p window shades books * Design and make fabric window shades * Window basics : easy & no-sew treatments * Curtains and blinds : professional skills made general interior design * A portfolio of home entertainment ideas * Mexican country style * New …

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You know those online translator sites that translate stuff into other languages automatically? Of course things get lost in automatic translation, so here’s a fun game: 1) Take a phrase in English 2) Put it into an online translator like freetranslation.com. 3) Translate it into another language. Say… German. 4) Take the German translation and …

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The thesaurus has “Mickey Mouse” as a synonym for

kriss kross

Took out the Kriss Kross cd from the library. Reminds me of how my sister thought that the lyrics to the song “Warm It Up” were: “Warm it up Kris, it’s a barbeque” but they actually are: “Warm it up Kris, I’m about to.” Good times. I’m listening to it now. This reminds me of …

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The thesaurus has no entry for the word “nothing“. How ironic.

question mark

Where does the question mark start? From the dot moving up and into the curl? Or from the inside curl moving outward and down into the dot?

thoughts on dictionaries and art

“Dictionary-making is a mechanical, unnatural metalinguistic activity” For more mumbo-jumbo on dictionaries, check out my honors thesis from college in 1997.

walking dictionary

I want to make a tshirt that says dictionary on it. The front of the shirt would resemble the cover of a dictionary, as would the back. Then the long sleeve would be the spine. If you got a bunch of your buddies to do it, you could be a walking encyclopedia.

bird poop tuesdays

Today, I was innocently standing at the train station when a stealth pigeon pooped all over my shoulder and arm. Last tuesday, I got bird poop on my back at McDonalds. It seems that Tuesdays are now my bird poop days, so I wrote a poem… Oh, the wretched day of tueTis my day of …

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