who else had your book?

actually wouldn’t it be fun to be able to get the list of people who have checked out the same book as you? That way you can contact them and talk about it! idea! idea! I’m gonna put a little flyer into every book i take out at the library. It will have my email …

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lifetime of book

sI would love to see a list of books that I’ve taken out at the library for my entire life. I’ve gone to mostly chicago public libraries. So you’d think they would have a database with all those records. Wow, that would be one awesome list to see.

Got an excellent book from the library today

“Dialogues in Public Art”. It’s a book that i’ve been wanting to get from my amazon wishlist. But now I can read it and get a preview! yeah! rock on! Anyone want to get one and read it at the same time as me?

College of Surgeons…true name?

Here’s an email that I sent to the College of Surgeons today. I am currently awaiting a response. From: Maldre, MatthewSent: Friday, November 9, 2001 9:03 AMTo: ‘postmaster@facs.org’Subject: College of Surgeons…the true name? I was just in your building in Chicago yesterday for a meeting. Someone informed me that the College of Surgeons isn’t actually …

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Scrabblegrams ad

A new puzzle syndicated in newspapers picking up from popular board game, Scrabble. I picked up the look from the Deluxe Scrabble box. However, I didn’t have the source files from that, so I recreated the aged look using an old painting of mine and some photoshop magic. Having the dark background helps make the …

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