thoughts on dictionaries and art

“Dictionary-making is a mechanical, unnatural metalinguistic activity” For more mumbo-jumbo on dictionaries, check out my honors thesis from college in 1997.

walking dictionary

I want to make a tshirt that says dictionary on it. The front of the shirt would resemble the cover of a dictionary, as would the back. Then the long sleeve would be the spine. If you got a bunch of your buddies to do it, you could be a walking encyclopedia.

bird poop tuesdays

Today, I was innocently standing at the train station when a stealth pigeon pooped all over my shoulder and arm. Last tuesday, I got bird poop on my back at McDonalds. It seems that Tuesdays are now my bird poop days, so I wrote a poem… Oh, the wretched day of tueTis my day of …

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Groundhog croquet characters

I’ve been thinking about the development of the two groundhogs in my comic strip Groundhog Croquet. The current book i’m reading from the harold washington library, 20 Master Plots mentioned two types of plots: action plots and plots of the mind. Aesop Lion: symbol of strength, represents force, power, physical strength. Not bright, being strong …

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heros and heroines

For the Chicago Croquet Squirearchy of Gentlefolk’s game reports, I’m going to do alot more character development to make the stories much more interesting. I even took out some how to write short story books and character books from the library. The eight typical hero profiles:Chief, Bad Boy, Best Friend, Charmer, Lost Soul, Professor, Swashbuckler, …

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Alternative names for the WW

FI’m choosing letters that sound when you say it.WWB, WWD, WWG, WWR. WWB: World Wrestling BadguysWWD: World Wrestling DummiesWWG: World Wrestling GoonsWWW: World Wrestling Weirdos And of course, they could go with WWW. Would that cause any confusion?

power of the word

Yesterday, I went to a small talk at Tanagram Studio in Chicago. The owner of the studio, Lance Rutter opened with an interesting story his realization of the power of words. He was in college and became deathly ill after eating some fast food at a local Mexican restaurant, a burrito with everything on it. …

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who else had your book?

actually wouldn’t it be fun to be able to get the list of people who have checked out the same book as you? That way you can contact them and talk about it! idea! idea! I’m gonna put a little flyer into every book i take out at the library. It will have my email …

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lifetime of book

sI would love to see a list of books that I’ve taken out at the library for my entire life. I’ve gone to mostly chicago public libraries. So you’d think they would have a database with all those records. Wow, that would be one awesome list to see.