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Chatboard for The Force Awakens movie

What did you think of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens? This blog post is meant to be a place where my friends and family can talk about Episode VII.


To be clear on which characters we are talking about:

Kylo Ren

Kylo Ren
The new Darth Vader


The scavenger girl


Stormtrooper formerly known as FN-2187


Sith Lord in the giant hologram

Starkiller Base

Starkiller Base
Death Star III


Captain woman stormtropper in reflective armor

Maz Kanata

Maz Kanata
Short orange woman with glasses

Poe Dameron

Poe Demeron
Best starfighter pilot in the New Republic

Feel free to call these characters however you wish. You can call Rey “the scavenger girl” but it might just be quicker to type “Rey”.

After seeing the movie, I wrote down my initial thoughts in my notepad while riding the train home. These are my notes all collected together. I am making each one of these points an individual comment in the comments area, so please feel free to respond to any of these in the comments.

Han Solo – Kylo Ren bridge scene
When Kylo Ren dropped his mask on the bridge, it made a very physical clang. Signifying it’s a real mask. But also signifying  dropping his personal? Turning back to the light? Notice the mask did not quite fall off the bridge. He didn’t quite leave the Dark Side. Instead he killed his own father, Han Solo.

What did you think of Phasma?  
All this pre-release hype over Phasma with her reflective armor and fancy cape. She ended up being all fluff. She lost Finn. Then she took the shields down without any fight. What did you think of Phasma?

Meaning of the name Finn
Does the name “Finn” reference a fin on a fish or boat? Something to steer? To guide?

What did you think of Finn being overly excited at times? 
It seemed was like Luke Skywalker’s over-excitement in A New Hope.

So many parallels to A New Hope. 

  • A message tucked away in a droid.
  • The droid falling to a desert planet.
  • Rey and Luke both from a desert planet.
  • Giant laser weapons that destroy planets.
  • Successfully destroying the enemy’s giant laser weapon.

For kids? 
This was definitely not a movie for kids, like episode I. There were some very scary parts. Like when Rey went down to the dungeon. It ends up that was the beckoning call of Luke’s light saber. But it was rather scary. And then those crazy creatures that were attacking Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon. Sarah asked me if Episode one or two would be too scary for little kids. I wasn’t sure. Is Episode I or II too scary for little kids?

What was your reaction to Han Solo being killed? 
I totally screamed out loud! And then I cried. Poor Chewbacca! When Solo was killed Chewbecca started to blast everything in sight!

Who is Rey’s parents? 
Rey is Han Solo’s daughter, right? Twins with Rylo?

What is the size of Snoke? 
I bet Snoke is actually really small in real life.

What do you think of the immature Kylo? 
Weird to see a Sith throw temper tantrums. This is the first time in all the movies that we have a Sith that is young. They’ve all been old and experienced. Darth Sidious—old. Darth Vader—old. Darth Tryannus (Count Dooko)—old. Although perhaps Darth Maul was not old.

Do you like that Kylo’s face is revealed? 
Nice that Kylo’s face is revealed. Makes him more real to us. Also shows us all the more how he wishes to be Darth Vader, but isn’t. Both physically isn’t, but also metaphorically in his maturity. Although Anakin-turned-young-Darth-Vader probably threw a lot of tantrums at first.

Come join me
Lots of “come join me” in this. “Come, lets go on an adventure.” “Com let us escape.”

  • Han asks Rey to join
  • Finn asks Rey to escape
  • Kylo asks Rey to join
  • Rey asks Finn to join
  • Finn and Rey ask Han to join
  • Leia asks Han to come back
  • Maz Kanata asks Rey to join
  • Finn asks Poe Demeron

Is this a method of getting the audience involved by asking what side to be on?

Starkiller Base
Symbolic that the weapon of the Dark Side, the Starkiller Base would suck the light out of the sun. When the light is gone, darkness comes.

Finn the janitor
Funny puns with Han joking about garbage chute. Finn, the janitor, really liked that too.

Chewbacca & Han buddies
Chewbacca made a comment about how cold it was outside, which was funny at the time. But that comment was to set up to demonstrate his kindness and love for Han when later Chewie suggested that Han wear the found coat before they go back outside. Which makes his death all the more impactful.

All the points in this blog post are also in the comments below, so feel free to respond to any of them.

Comments are very welcome, please leave a reply

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