How to find cheap #1 cards on Quidd Market

Quidd’s new marketplace looks like it could be a place to make some money.

So far what seems to really sell for high prices on Quidd are cards serialized as #1. Makes sense, the count #1 card is always the most sought-after.

Three ways of getting a count #1 card in Quidd

  1. Random luck through packs.
    Just keep buying packs. Maybe eventually you’ll hit a #1. Ha. Good luck!
  2. Awards
    Collect enough cards to get high-value collections. Then you’ll get those award cards that are serialized 1-9 or 1-5. You’ll have a much better chance of scoring a #1 if that range is just 1-5. But man, that takes a lot of time to collect all those cards. And you need your collection to be high-value. I’m not going to invest a ton of money to get cards via packs. Just takes too much time.
  3. Buy them
    Now with the marketplace you can just buy #1 cards.

I imagine there are people out there who just want to sell their collection, and be done with it. They just want to dump their collection, so they price their cards really low, so the cards definitely sells. In theory, if you could buy #1 cards for a low price, you might be able to flip them for a higher price.

How do you find those #1 Quidd cards for a low price?

There’s no way of filtering the cards for sale for #1 and low price.

The filters available are:

  • Product type: Stickers, cards, figures
  • Special categories: Awards, CE, Shinies
  • Availability: Need it, Sold
  • Seller: Following
  • Edition: 1st Edition, 2nd Edition, 3rd Edition, 4th+ Edition

Ok, none of those filters really do anything for me. Yeah, 1st edition is nice. But there is no option for #1 cards.
There is no option for price… Say under $10

I want to see all the #1 cards that are under $20.

To get that list, I tried modifying the URL:

Here’s how the URL looks when sorted by low to high:

Let’s add a variable, “print” and set it to “1”
Doesn’t work.

Let’s try a variable “count” and set it to “1”
Doesn’t work.

Let’s try variables: c, co, cou, coun, count, counts. None of those work.

So there isn’t any hidden URL variables.

Maybe we can scrape the Quidd market page with Google Sheet’s ImportXML function.

I tried to see if I could import data from Quidd’s marketplace using Google Sheet’s importxml command. But it didn’t work.

Taking the Transformers page URL:

Let’s try grabbing a list of the count/edition numbers. In the HTML, it’s listed as:

<div class="mt-1 mb-1 text-subtitle text-base font-medium z-10 block h-5 overflow-hidden">2nd Edition | #14,775/15,000</div>

That would make our function look like this:


But nothing imports.

Even trying to grap something else on the page doesn’t work.

=importxml("","//span[@class='font-medium text-lg']")

I guess Quidd is blocking Google’s ImportXML somehow.

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