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When one photo is able to capture multiple stories, you have a photo that tells one million words. Read about each of the stories below this loooong vertical pano photo.

one long chicago pano photo


Emerging from a long cold winter, Chicago’s flowers grow on sidewalk planters.


Tourist staring me downTourists milling around. A tourist was standing in the exact spot where I needed to stand to take this photo. He just wouldn’t budge, so I started to take photos around him, moving closer and closer. Eventually he got the hint and relinquished his standing spot. As he walked away, he kept turning around and looking back at me. LOL. I’m not sure why.

Perhaps he was upset that I took over his standing spot on the wide concrete sidewalk expanse. Maybe he thought I was trying to be a creep and take his photo. Or maybe he was wondering why I was shooting multiple shots of the same scene. (using the Pano app, it requires me to shoot several exposures, moving my camera after every shot, then trying to line up the shot. So I look kinda goofy trying to line up the previous shot with the current one.) One thing is for sure, tourists are a curious bunch.


Oftentimes standing in the wrong spot doesn't get you the right photoMy main goal with this photo was to capture the flowers, architecture and fog. Originally I was standing on the median of Michigan Avenue taking photos, but they were falling rather flat. The flower planter on the sidewalk was calling me. The angle was much more interesting being located closer to the Wrigley Building. The Wrigley Building serves a middle layer between the flower foreground and the Riverwalk architecture background.

Chicago flag

As if the architecture wasn’t enough to identify this being Chicago, there is a Chicago flag flying on the Wrigley Building.


The fog isn’t truly the hero of this shot as it often is in fog photography. Instead here, the fog merely functions as a light equalizer to allow me to shoot several layers. Often the lighting can be drastically different on the foreground, middleground, and background. It gets even more complicated when shooting several photos to create a pano. Granted, this isn’t the best pano ever. Some things are misaligned, the lighting is a bit off on the background buildings, but hey, imagine if there was no fog!

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