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Chicago’s Mother Nature is on Twitter

Mother Nature Chicago on Twitter

How do you check the weather?

  • Mobile app?
  • Watch the tv news?
  • How about twitter?

I normally ask Siri what the weather will be for the day. While that is the most direct route, it’s not the most fun.

Chicago weathermen twitter listTo inject some fun into the weather, instead of using Siri for the next month, I’ll check the Chicago Meteorologists list on twitter. This list has 34 Chicago weathermen and weatherwomen. It’s a super-handy list for seeing what’s happening with Chicago’s weather. Then I’ll comment on one of the tweets in this list using my twitter account @mothernaturechi.

Yes. I am Chicago’s Mother Nature on twitter. #bigreveal

The voice behind @mothernaturechi is a combination of nice, yet tough mom. She full supports cold weather and doesn’t have much patience for people complaining about the weather.

Maybe you’ll follow @mothernaturechi for some of her fun antics and commentary about Chicago’s weather. Here’s a couple example of the tweets that she makes:

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