Chicago skyline from Riverwalk

Chicago skyline from Riverwalk

The sun sets on Monday, two days after the Chicago River was dyed green for the St. Patrick’s Day festival. The Wrigley Building, Tribune Tower, and Equitable Building admire how bright green the river is.

You can’t quite tell, but there is a good amount of fog coming in from Lake Michigan–off to the right of the photo. Inititally the fog is what drove me to get my camera and tripod out.

The Wacker Drive downramp to the right provides a nice frame for the photo. The Chicago Riverwalk is so nicely designed with how it integrates with the existing reconstructed Wacker Drive.

Trump Tower on the far left is now always a challenge for photographers. The Republican presidential candidate put his name TRUMP super-huge on the building. So awful. I tried to compose this photo to not include his ugly name. The last two letter, M and P, were caught in the photo, so I photoshopped them out. No Trump is getting in my beautiful photo!

The bright yellow taxi boat in the background provides a nice saturated color against the green river–even if it’s hidden a bit behind the branches of the now budding trees. The white Wendella boat just arrived on the scene, and I had to wait a few minutes for it park itself along the Wrigley Building. Motion in HDR photos don’t always turn out very well.

I’m quite happy with the warm tones in this photo. Chicago is such beautiful city!

High-resolution prints available

68 likes on instagramUPDATE: March 18, 2016

A big thanks to everyone on Instagram who liked my Chicago skyline from riverwalk photo. It currently has 68 likes, by far, the most likes I ever got on Instagram. Even though most people know I’m not a fan of the Instagram platform (it’s missing lots of basic features), I am a fan of the PEOPLE on Instagram. It’s great to see people enjoying my work.

This is a time where I’m wondering where to take my career outside of work. Should I focus on my webcomic, do I make greeting cards, or maybe I make more public art? Seeing the immense amount of feedback on my photo makes me consider doing more HDR photography.

I haven’t done much high-end photography in years–especially since my old Nikon D80 died last year. But even before then, I hadn’t really shot a series of HDR photos in several years.

This year I’ve been focusing on my webcomic, and it hasn’t quite taken off as much as I imagined. Now seeing this amount of feedback on one of my first HDR photos, makes me think that I should be doing photography instead.

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Evelyn Rogers
7 years ago
Reply to  Matt Maldre

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Evelyn Rogers
7 years ago

I would visit or lived in near future.

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