Moon rock that looks like chocolate chip cookie batter

moon rock looks like chocolate chip cookie batter

At first glance, this thumbnail of a Moon rock looks like chocolate chip cookie batter. Oh yumm! Can you imagine?

The moon is made entirely of chocolate chip cookie batter

Can the Moon really be made of chocolate chip cookie batter? When the astronauts walked the surface, it looked pretty hard. Definitely not soft. Well, the parts the astronauts visited were old cookie batter. The surface got crusty. Maybe there are parts that are still soft. Or, or! The INSIDE is still soft. Just the outside got a little crusty. Dig deep enough into the Moon, and you’ll find some sweet sweet cookie batter.

Let’s stick the Moon back into the oven and bake it into a delicious giant cookie. Just sling that Moon closer to the Sun, and as it gets warmer, it’ll flatten out into a cookie. Flat Earth people might like that.

If I lived on the Chocolate Chip Cookie Moon, I’d want to reside in one of the Chocolate Chip cities. These urban areas are large metropolis of sweetness, in the shape of a mountain.

Just what is this image of a Moon rock doing in my InDesign document thumbnails?

I picked up some Moon rocks at Walgreens. Lunar sample 76215.

Moon Rock 76215 printed at actual size in Adobe InDesignI’m printing out Moon rocks at Walgreens photo labs. Each printout is the actual size of the Moon rock featured in the image. It’s pretty rad. Walgreens develops my Moon rocks! I’m using Indesign to correctly size of each rock within a 4×6 document.

If you lived on the Chocolate Chip Cookie Moon, where would you want to live?

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Tom Saaristo

I’d want to reside in one of the Chocolate Chip cities too … because it sounds like it would be urban and I’m tres urban