Chocolate powers

This column took me right back to my childhood. Chocolate lovers, like me, are preparing for the chocolate industry’s global crisis

Back when I was a kid, chocolate in candy form — any form, really — was reserved for holidays. Valentine’s Day. Easter. Halloween. Maybe Christmas. It was certainly not something my parents bought us while waiting in line at the checkout counter.

It was the same thing when I was a kid; chocolate was such a rare treat, reserved only for special holidays. It’s fascinating to reflect on how, back then, the idea of enjoying chocolate daily was unimaginable.

The year without chocolate

Between April 2022 and July 2023, I embarked on a no-candy challenge, cutting out all candy from my diet. It all started one day as I was walking to a doctor’s appointment after dropping my daughter at school. Despite my daily 40-60 minute walks, I found myself out of breath by the time I arrived, which was unusual. Additionally, I was experiencing bouts of vertigo. In April 2022, I decided to eliminate chocolate, candy, and coffee from my diet.

Yet, I’ve since found myself drawn back to the world of chocolate, indulging almost daily. On the days I go without it, I crave it intensely. Chocolate seems to spark my creativity, inspiring me to pursue interesting projects and generate exciting ideas.

During my chocolate-free year, my blog saw a significant decrease in activity, with only 15 posts throughout the entire period. Below is a chart depicting the monthly blog post count on since January 2020.

You’ll see the era of no chocolate also coincides with a drop in blog productivity.

It’s concerning that something I would eat would affect me so much. However, most likely, chocolate is not the factor. At this same time I was working on my design portfolio at I was building the custom online portfolio from scratch. It took a bit of time to get it all designed, programmed, and pulled together. But I did see my other creative projects and blogging decline during that time.

I see my blog as a gauge of my creative and mental health. When I’m not posting as much, it’s one of two things. Either I’m really busy (April tends to be a very busy month with four family birthdays), or I’m feeling depressed.

If you see a lower amount of blog posts from me, feel free to reach out. Or maybe even just share some interesting articles with me. That always sparks my interest to write more. About half of my blog posts are inspired by conversations on Google chat and text messages. So, don’t hesitate to send some inspiration—or chocolate—my way. 😉

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