The awesome Christmas ninja toys from Oriental Trading

A great Christmas surprise this year? Christmas ninjas!

Christmas ninja toys
I’m an affiliate of Oriental Trading. Buy one of these, and I make a small percentage.

With these fun little guys around the house, you’ll find everyone asking, “Hey, what happened to the Christmas cookies?”


These little guys bearing peppermint weapons will surely bring a fresh breath of air to your Christmas. They could cause all sorts of mischief around your house.

In one package, you’ll get two dozen of these mischievous covert agents.

Christmas idea: hide the ninjas around the house for fun surprises throughout the Christmas season

  • Ninjas inside the Christmas mugs
  • Ninjas hiding behind the Santa statue
  • A pair of Ninjas accompanying Elf on the Shelf
  • Make an annual tradition of burying a ninja deep deep deep inside your Christmas tree.
  • Ninjas protecting baby Jesus in the nativity (hide them in the back of the stable)
  • Ninjas hiding in someone’s coat pocket!
  • Ninjas in the car glove compartment!
  • Ninjas in the knife section of the silverware drawer!
  • 24 Christmas ninjas EVERYWHERE!
Christmas ninja held by hand in front of Christmas tree

Make sure to pick up your 24-pack of ninjas at Oriental Trading.

But don’t stop there! How about GINGERBREAD NINJAS?!

(Affiliate link. Buy these, and help make me some money)

Jumping around your tree will be this army of adorable gingerbread ninjas. Spread them around all four corners of your tree for coverage north, south, east and west. Or group them together into one ninja clan.

Any which way you arrange these sweet ornaments, they’ll give your family lots of fun!

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Linus Van Pelt
Linus Van Pelt
2 years ago

Include ninjas as accents on Christmas present wrapping.

2 years ago

Hide a ninja inside a Christmas wreath!

Mark Brenstan
Mark Brenstan
2 years ago

Sneak a ninja inside a sneaker.

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