Christo Attacks!

Anytime you see something wrapped in public, it’s like the artist Christo has attacked. In fact, that should be the official hashtag for photos of wrapped things in public: #ChristoAttacks!

Take this statue of Thomas Jefferson (photographed by Steve Tanner).

jefferson park statue wrapped in chicago photo by Steve Tanner

It’s completely wrapped with plastic — #ChristoAttacks!

Who is Christo?

Christo is the artist who wraps buildings like the Reichstag in Berlin and the Pont-Neuf bridge in Paris.

I love Christo. He creates artworks that engage the public, and gets everyday people talking about what is art.

He’s done other artworks that don’t involve wrapping, but his wrapping is my favorite. Both the process and the end result are wonderful. The resulting wrapping brings out formal qualities that you would have never noticed before. Literally, formal as in the form of the setting. The wrapping shows you the shape.

His projects are so massive, that it takes years to plan and produce. He has to get permission from many governmental groups, local communities, volunteers. Sometimes his artwork takes decades to complete.

Thus, the thought of him going up to some object and merely wrapping it, is quite hilarious. #ChristoAttacks!

Examples of #ChristoAttacks!

The Art Institute tweeted a photo in 2013 of a sculpture being wrapped. #ChristoAttacks!

Thomas Schütte "Vater Staat" wrapped

The Chicago Transit Authority draped large sheets of fabric around the L train tracks in Chicago’s downtown. They were repainting the elevated structures in 2008, but in all reality — #ChristoAttacks!

Chicago behind the curtain: Christo Attacks!

Do you have any examples of #ChristoAttacks? Please drop the URL in the comments. Much thanks!

Oh, and did I mention that I met Christo and Jean-Claude? Circa 1999.
Matt Maldre with Christo and Jean-Claude

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