Cindy Sherman finally tries a digital camera

Art21 scored an exclusive with Cindy Sherman where she talks about shooting digital for the first time in her life. Wow. Cindy. It’s 2011, and you never shot with a digital camera? That was one surprise in this video.

Another surprise was that I didn’t enjoy her photos that she shot for Vogue magazine. I’ve never been a huge Cindy Sherman fan. Her photos are always too ghostly for me. But these Vogue shots clearly look like she’s trying to hide her age. There’s so much makeup on her, that she looks like a birthday cake. Maybe that’s her commentary? I dunno. In the interview where she wasn’t wearing all that makeup, she looked attractive. I don’t know why she felt like she had to make her self-portraits for Vogue look so extremely creepy.

Maybe I shouldn’t say all this, because it’s not very nice. But I have good respect for Cindy Sherman and her place in art history. So that’s why these two points really surprised me. I’m curious if others are surprised as well.

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