Where is the closest art in proximity to you?

While I was walking through the Art Institute of Chicago today, I was thinking about how this artwork is the artwork that I have the most immediate physical access to. 

I work two blocks north from this grand museum. If I wanted to look at just a painting, these are the paintings that are the closest in proximity to my daily location. 

It was fun to look at paintings today at the Art Institute for them being just paintings. Not for their history or fame.

I came this realization while staring at the textures in this painting:

Claude Monet "Sandvika, Norway" at Art Institute of Chicago

I hesitate giving the name of the artist, because the point here is the painting. The actual work. Paint on a surface. But to give the artist credit, it’s Claude Monet. And the painting is called, “Sandvika, Norway“.

Roof detail of Claude Monet "Sandvika, Norway"
Trees texture of Claude Monet "Sandvika, Norway"
Detail of Claude Monet "Sandvika, Norway"
Tree detail of Claude Monet "Sandvika, Norway"
Texture of Claude Monet "Sandvika, Norway"
Snow detail of Claude Monet "Sandvika, Norway"

What art is in the closest proximity to you?

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4 years ago

I’m fortunate enough to have Chagall’s Four Seasons in the (Exelon) plaza level of Chase Tower. I can see it if I look out the window!

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