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As people migrate off Twitter, and start posting on their own hosted websites again… I wonder if there is a tool that take all the people you follow, pull the link listed in each person’s Twitter bio, and check if those sites have an RSS feed. Then return an OPML file of all the feeds.

I posted this as a reply to one of Dave Winer’s BlueSky posts. (Dave Winer is the one who invented RSS). He retweeted my post. Pretty neat.

Thus, instead of following people on Twitter, you would follow people from their own websites. That’s how things used to be. People would have blogs with RSS feeds. You could easily follow everyone using their RSS feed. Then social media along with Twitter came along around 2008. People shifted their publishing to social media sites.

I always preferred to publish on my own website, but many many people shifted to publishing only on social media. It makes sense, that’s where all the people were. Social media makes it easy. But then you are giving away all your content to some other platform.

And that’s what everyone found out. Facebook and Twitter stopped showing your posts to your readers. Your content was not reaching your readers. Instead, you have to pay Facebook or Twitter so your posts could have more reach. Please.

Now we have everyone leaving social media for their own websites. But all these subscriptions continue to live in Twitter. It would be nice to take the 1,500 people I follow in Twitter, and automatically find out who has a website with an RSS feed. then I can follow these people in the best place—their own website.

I originally made a similar tweet ten years ago to this day.

Is there a tool that will compile a list of all the websites from the Twitter profiles of everyone I follow?

Having an online archive sometimes proves useful. Ideas from 10 years ago can still be relevant today and given new life.

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