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Every day I check the Eiffel Tower webcam. Many days the colors are pretty nice. I’d like to grab a quick color palette to tweet with my @EiffelLive Twitter account.

Today’s Eiffel Tower view is peaceful. Gray and white tones.

I’m trying out some color palette generators on MacOS. I know they exist on the iPhone, but 99% of my work and time is on my laptop, not my phone. I find it so much easier to work on my laptop with a real keyboard and big screen.

One requirement I have for the color palette generator is that it shows the color palette alongside the image. I want to be able to quickly take a screenshot and post it to Twitter. Here’s an example of something I did manually with Photoshop.

A gradient sky today at the Eiffel Tower. 
#627ea3 muted blue going to #928b84 brown-gray.

It took me a little too long to generate this image, I’d like a quicker method.

Searching MacOS App Store

I searched color palette in the App Store, and just picked a couple apps based on screenshots alone. My only requirement is that the app needs to show the original photo. Two apps looked liked nice: Color Palette from Image and Color Juice.

Color Palette from Image

Here’s the promo image in the App store:

The app “Color Palette from Image” generates a very nice image. I can totally screenshot this, and use it in a tweet!

You can change the number of colors up to 16! For this particular image, 16 colors is a bit much. But it’s nice to know that you can get that many for images with lots of varying color.

If you want to export the palette, the Pro account costs $2.99.

  • Export to the Color Panel for use in third-party applications
  • Export to image for sharing on social networks and mail
  • Export to (.ase .aco .acb) files for use in Adobe Apps
  • Export to (.clr) for sharing to another Mac
  • Export to (.acb) file for use in AutoCad
  • Export to file (.swatches) for use in Procreate on iPad or iPhone
  • Export to a file (.SwatchBook) for use in the Swatch Book Editor

Wow! that’s a lot of options!

Color Juicer

The promo image from the App Store:

I drag my Eiffel Tower image onto the app, and Color Juicer generates this:

Umm. There’s no image. This app won’t work for me.

The winner is Color Palette from Image

If I ever need the hex values from the color palette, I might even fork over the $4.99 for the Pro version. For now this app does what I need.

Here’s the resulting tweet:

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