How to remember command-option-j to underline text

Some key commands are easy to remember. Command-c for copy. But what about obscure ones like Indesign’s command-option-j for underlining text? (In Indesign that’s called a paragraph rule).

Adobe InDesign Paragraph Rules shortcut command option j
Adobe InDesign: paragraph rules box

What does the letter j have to do with underlining text? Maybe there’s some word that starts with the letter j that means to underline.

All of the synonyms for underline do not start with the letter j.

thesaurus synonyms for underline

The closet word I think of starting with j is jot. But an underline really isn’t a jot.

But ah-ha! I have a way of remembering it. Imagine the letter j sideways, underlining text.



Great Twitter reply from @Tannerman:

Duh, it's Junderlining!

Junderlining! Of course! Only six results on Google for “Junderlining”.

Only six results on google for: "Junderlining"

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