Concealed Carry and Public Spaces – Call for Proposals

This is a very interesting call for artists. As a public spaces artist who does not want concealed firearms to be legal in Chicago, I’m going to be giving this proposal some serious thought. If you are pro-gun, I’d like to hear your thoughts on this as well.

The following text came from a flyer posted at:

Call for proposals: Concealed Carry and Public Spaces

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With the Firearm Concealed Carry Act. passed in June 2013, Illinois became the fiftieth and final state to allow its residents to carry concealed guns on their persons. Effective January 1, 2014, the new Concealed Carry legislation will alter our experience of public spaces as, for the first time, we can assume fellow citizens, sharing those spaces with us, are armed.

Property owners may disallow firearms on their premises. The Concealed Carry legislation places the burden on building owners to take affirmative steps to prohibit people from entering their property bearing guns, conspicuously posting signs indicating that firearms are not allowed.

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Experimental Station and Moving Design invite artists, designers, and architects to submit proposals in response to the Firearm Concealed carry legislation. As of January 2014, concealed firearms will be allowed in our public spaces, unless explicitly and conspicuously disallowed by property owners. We invite you to present your interpretation of how this shift in public policy will impact the spaces in which we work, play, move, learn, and live.

How will we manage weapons in our midst? How will we experience Concealed Carry psychologically and viscerally? How do we redefine the frontier between public and private space? How are we to think about and address the sea change in civil society that the Conoealed Carry legislation reflects and reinforces?

Proposals may include practical, impractical, conceptual, architectural, object, design or performative responses, offering strategies, solutions, alternatives, reactions, or inquiries.

Selected proposals will be exhibited at the Experimental Station from January 9 – January 23, 2014, and will serve as the impetus for two public conversations, led by Steve Edwards (formerly of Chicago Public Radio) about the impact on civil society of the Firearm Concealed Carry Act

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Sponsors: Experimental Station and Moving Design

Submission Deadline: Friday, December 6, 2013

Venue: Experimental Station, 6100 S. Blackstone Avenue, Chicago IL 60637. Installation will be the responsibility of the artist, if the project is selected. Submissions may also be displayed at The Joyoe Foundation.

Eligibility: Persons of any age and nationality may submit.

Criteria for Proposed Projects: A proposed project may take any form: conceptual works, drawings. photos, architecture, website, painting, sculpture, performance …

Submission Process: Electronic submissions can be in the form of a PDF, PPT, OVD, webpage, or other accessible eJectronic format Non-electronic submissions will also be accepted, if delivered to the address below. Please include your email address for notification of acceptance.

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Email to:

Mail to:

Experimental Station c/o Concealed carry Project

6100 S. Blackstone Avenue

Chicago, IL 60637

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