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Make a pledge to Corner Bakery and get a free combo!

My pledge for the Corner Bakery:

1) I will not eat as many Milk Chocolate Covered Mint Espresso Beans, even though I’m totally stuffing my face with them now. But I WILL stop.

2) And then I shall watch what I eat and go to Corner Bakery and order from the 600 calorie menu with my little printout of the 100 combinations.

3) And I shall strike off each menu item as I order them in my quest to have all 100 combinations.

4) And I shall order off the list by whatever table number if given to me at the cashier. So if the table number is 34, then I shall order #34 on the list. And if I already had #34, then I shall order from the next available item after #34. Such as #35.

5) I shall document my progress as I order these items in a text document on my computer. And I shall have a story to share with the Corner Bakery of my quest.

6) That is my quest. Please feel free to share my pledge across the nation and the world with everyone who enjoys delightful sandwiches, scrumptious soups, and delectable salads.

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