Sticker for “I got my COVID-19 vaccine”

Sticker given out for getting a Covid-19 vaccine. The sticker says "I GOT MY COVID-19 VACCINE" DUPAGE COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT. Protect Yourself. Protect Your Family. Protect DuPage.

The DuPage County gives out stickers to the freshly vaccinated! I love it! Instead of posting my vaccination card online, I can post this sticker. (btw, even if I didn’t get a sticker, I would not be posting my vaccination card online). The pic is a little fuzzy—that’s so nobody tries to copy this!

This vaccination sticker now joins my “I Voted” sticker from the 2020 Presidential election. I voted early at the same location—the DuPage County Fairgrounds.

Photo of sticker with words "I voted" from DuPage County. Photo captured in front of wall at DuPage County Fairgrounds

Being part of history

The whole process of getting the vaccine was pretty cool. It felt really historic. I’m taking part of this HUGE undertaking our government is doing. Especially since this location was just so big—inside a large event building.

When I arrived to the fairgrounds, there were soooo many people guiding you along the way for where you are to go. At every single possible turn, there was a person guiding everyone along.

People in the parking lot telling you exactly where to park. It’s a bit like going to a sports event at a large stadium. “Here, you are going to park right here. No, no, not that spot. This spot. Pull in a bit further. There.”

A sign outside the building clearly stated no photography. Makes sense. This is a medical thing. Nobody wants their photo taken during a medical situation.

As I walked into the building, four different people guided me to the screening station. I think there was like 20-some of these stations. My screening agent scanned in my QR code, and asked me all the various questions. It was a bit hard to hear her with all the noise and echoes of the building. Plus, of course, everyone’s wearing a mask, so everyone is talking even louder than normal.

For as many people inside this building, everything was spaced out very nicely.

Then two more people guided me to one of the 24 vaccination stations. I landed at spot #1!

It was pretty simple. She told me to relax my shoulder, because she needs it more floppy to give the injection. Yeah, I get a little tense at needles. I relaxed, and boom it was done. I didn’t even feel anything. She gave me the normal spiel of that I might feel a headache by dinner time. She told me some other things that might happen. Nothing drastic. I forget everything she said, because I was overtaken by how big this all was.

Then I sat down in the waiting area, because everyone needs to wait 15 minutes after getting the shot to make sure you are ok. The nurse/doctor told me that they haven’t had any issues with anyone in the waiting area.

They had both metal chairs, and chairs with nice padding. You know what I chose! I sat down in the comfy delight of a padded chair. A man came up to me and scheduled my next appointment. Once we selected a day and time, he had me take a photo of his iPad, so I definitely had a record of it. If this happened 20 years ago, people would most likely not be carrying a camera around. Pretty cool how all this technology can be utilized. QR codes, walking iPads, cameras.

Getting my vaccination sticker

With my second appointment scheduled, he put a round two-inch sticker on my jacket. The sticker says “I GOT MY COVID-19 VACCINE”. OH yeah! Now I have a “I voted” sticker from the DuPage County Fairgrounds, and a vaccine sticker. I hope the Fairgrounds hands out stickers for all their events!

While waiting for the required 15 minutes, I didn’t look at my phone. I wanted to take in this historic moment! So much activity happening with people moving around. As I looked around the waiting area, so many people were on their phones. It make me think of the days when we didn’t have phones in our pocket, and people were left to simply observe their surroundings. As much as I love all the use of technology, I also miss when we would allow our brains to observe and wander.

The ground below my chair was this interesting blue texture. With precisely painted white lines, it was clear this area was used for some sort of sport. Looking around, I realized this area is painted with a tennis court—three tennis courts!

Whoa! So cool! I have indoor tennis courts in my area–and I’m assuming they are free to use! So rad! I love playing tennis. I played four years on our high school tennis team. (I was also first singles my Senior year–not to brag, but I am).

My spot on court #3 was in the doubles alley, about three feet from where the net would be. Oh how I LOVED sitting on a tennis court. When my 15 minutes was up, I didn’t want to leave! But it was time to go.

Photo of my feet by the foul line for the tennis courts in DuPage County Fairgrounds

Ideas for more DuPage County Fairground stickers

I texted my brother that I was sitting on a tennis court in the DuPage County Fairgrounds. He’s lived in the area for more then ten years, and he didn’t know these indoor tennis courts existed!

He told me that the DuPage County Fairgrounds has different events like pet shows and collectible train shows. He always intended on going, but never got around to it. I hope they hand out stickers for each of these events! Did I say that already? I really mean it.

What sort of stickers would they hand out? Here’s a screenshot of the DuPage County Fairgrounds website showing their upcoming events:

Imagine getting a sticker for the “All Nite Flea Market“! It could be GLOW-IN-THE-DARK!

The sticker for the “Civil War & Military Extravaganza” would prove to be very interesting.

The “Past-Time Hobbies Show” is intriguing? What sort of hobbies? Clicking through on “view details” reveals this show is called the “Illinois Plastic Kit & Toy Show“. I am totally geeking out of my socks right now! I’d love a sticker from the Illinois Plastic Kit show. If they don’t have stickers, I’ll just have to make my own, and hand them out to people at the show. Haha. Imagine handing out a sticker to every single person there. Everyone walking around with my sticker.

Maybe when I get my second vaccination in two weeks, I’ll get another sticker. OH YEAH. That would be handsome. Two vaccination stickers next to each other. That totally communicates that yes, I’m vaccinated, because, y’know, you need two vaccinations with Pfizer. Wearing TWO stickers confirmed I got BOTH shots. Plus, double stickers has that duplicate emphasis. BAM-BAM!

If I had a patch-making machine, I would convert my stickers into patches, so I could wear them ALL THE TIME.

Speaking of civic duty stickers, an idea for another sticker to wear…

Photo of me holding yard waste stickers. Tweet text says, "In effort to wear more civic duty stickers, next Monday I’ll be wearing a yard waste sticker."

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