This cow has been tipped 2,162 times

[Disclaimer: First let me say that cow tipping is not a nice thing to do. It’s pretty much impossible to tip a cow. They are very squarely built.]

In the virtual world of the world wide web, a page exists where you can tip over a tiny little cow gif.

Go to: and click on the cow. Yup, that’s right, I’m asking you to go to an webpage.

Once you click on the cow, you’ll be brought to a new page at:

You’ll see the cow tip over. It’s a simple animated gif. The counter will increase by one. My tipping made the counter go up to #2,162. Ahh, the glories of early 2000s still alive today.

This animated gif loops. The original gif on the angelfire website doesn’t loop.

History of the cow tipping animated gif

Amazing that this page has been up for at least 18 years, and this cow has been tipped over only 2,162 times. Perhaps can give us the history of the counter tally.’s earliest capture for this page is January 17, 2002. The page appears to be almost identical to what we see today. So encouraging to see simply internet delights like this remain alive. Unfortunately, the counter in this captured archive doesn’t display the tally. The counter has a broken image icon. Ah well, some things don’t always preserve so well over time. does have more captures of this page.

A total of six archives have been saved over 18 years

Holy cow! The 2009 tally of 21,002 tips. Now, this is what I’m expecting. However, six years later, the tally is down to 317 tips. Perhaps the counter was reset at some point? The counter appears to go backwards over time. That’s a bunch of BULL.

Maybe Google might have some insight into this. Does this cow tipping image appear elsewhere online?

Huh. A Google search for “Cow Tip Counter”, says there are zero results!

Screenshot of Google search results for: "Cow Tip Counter"


Breakdown of the cow tipping animated gif

Since I’m not finding any additional information about this animated gif online, let’s look at the gif itself. The animated gif is only five frames. Let’s break the animation apart, and show each frame at high resolution.

Frame 1: cow tipping over
The cow is standing up straight. A happy cow.
Frame 2: cow tipping over
Wait. Am I starting to lean over?
Frame 3: cow tipping over
Yeah, I’m definitely leaning over. Maybe I can correct myself.
Frame 4: cow tipping over
Nope, I’m definitely falling over. You know this isn’t real, right? Cows can’t be tipped over in real life. Just sayin’.
Frame 5: cow tipping over
I’m just going to rest here for a while.

Let’s get this counter up nice and high. Have yourself HERD and MILK this counter!

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