Crickets chirp around the door (72 microseasons)

a cricket insect standing between two large speakers with an electric guitar, in the style of vray tracing, playful and fun imagery, pjunglecore, cabincore, humorous animal scenes, avocadopunk, dmitry spiros, carpetpunk, playful character designs

Today marks the start of a new 5-day microseason named “Crickets chirp around the door“. (Read background on Japan’s 72 microseasons calendar). I was hoping to use my 8-bit Ewok in a photo illustrating every microseason. But crickets chirping is a bit challenging to photograph.

I used Bing’s Image Creator with the prompt, “cricket surrounded by large speakers by a door, cricket is headbanging like a rock fan.” Bing’s Image Creator really hit the high notes, perfectly capturing the cricket’s musical fervor with impressive flair!

Imagine this cricket rocking out in your backyard.

As summer reluctantly nudges autumn, this rockstar cricket takes center stage, transforming the quiet evening ambiance into a wild concert hall. With every strum of its guitar, the cricket sends shockwaves of chirps resonating through the air, loud enough to rattle the windows and make the neighborhood cats question their nocturnal adventures.

The garden transforms into a party zone, with other insects and critters joining in on the fun. Fireflies flicker like disco lights, and a chorus of frogs ribbits in rhythm. Even the stoic old owl perched high in the tree can’t resist bobbing its head to the beat.

This rockstar cricket’s fame spreads far and wide. Insects from neighboring gardens line up, hoping for a chance to join the band. Ladybugs on tambourines, ants on drums, and a cool, cucumber-munching grasshopper on the saxophone – it’s an insect music extravaganza!

As the cricket strums its heart out, it’s not just the humans who find this concert amusing. Even the wise old trees sway their branches to the beat, and the flowers bloom in vibrant colors, perhaps attempting a floral dance move or two.

During “Crickets Chirp Around the Door,” laughter fills the air along with the music. This hilarious microseason reminds us that even in the subtlest moments of nature, there’s room for comedy. So, next time you hear a loud chirping around your door, remember, it might just be the tiniest, wildest rockstar cricket in town, putting on a show that leaves everyone in stitches and in awe of its insectile musical prowess.

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