33 awards found in the Crystal Pepsi Trail

Intro in the #CrystalPepsi Trail, #90s

Crystal Pepsi is back! To celebrate the popular 90s drink, Pepsi made a retake on the classic DOS game Oregon Trail. You can play “The Crystal Pepsi Trail” online.

Ride along in your wood-panel station wagon collecting fifteen different 90s items like fanny packs, VHS tapes, and roller blades. As you ride with your travel posse, you’ll encounter dead Tamagotchis, jammed fax machines, and scratched CDs. A total of nineteen humorous events will greet you on the Crystal Pepsi Trail.

Making guest appearances in the game are Marc Summers and a Furby. They will give you inspirational words to help you arrive to your destination–the Crystal Pepsi fountain! “The source of the long-lost taste you crave.”

Collect as as many 90s items along the Trail to improve your final score. The complete list of all the items, events, and guides in the Crystal Pepsi Trail:

All 15 items in Crystal Pepsi Trail

Wild fruit snacks in the #CrystalPepsi Trail, #90s
Booyah! You found wild fruit snacks! Your party gained 50 lbs worth of grindage. (code: 1)

Sweet bucket hats in the #CrystalPepsi Trail, #90s
Sick! You found a sweet bucket hat! (code: 4)

Cassette player in the #CrystalPepsi Trail, #90s
Bumpin’! You found a cassette player loaded with a sweet mixtape! (code: 5)

Fanny pack in the #CrystalPepsi Trail, #90s
Fresh! You found a sick new fanny pack! (code: 7)

Fax machine in the #CrystalPepsi Trail, #90s
Fax me! You found a fax machine with a hidden message. (code: 8)

floppy disks in the #CrystalPepsi Trail, #90s
Word! It’s raining floppy disks! (code: 9)

Crimper in the #CrystalPepsi Trail, #90s
Stylin! You found a crimper! Your party no longer suffers from lame hair. (code: 10)

Inflatable furniture in the #CrystalPepsi Trail, #90s
Kickin! You found inflatable furniture! (code: 11)

mood ring in the #CrystalPepsi Trail, #90s
Super fly! You found a mood ring. It says you’re pretty chill (code: 15)

Pager in the #CrystalPepsi Trail, #90s
Beep me! You found a pager containing a secret code (code: 16)

Roller blades in the #CrystalPepsi Trail, #90s
Radical! You found some roller blades! (code: 19)

Scrunchies in the #CrystalPepsi Trail, #90s
Tight! You found some scrunchies! (code: 20)

Slap bracelet in the #CrystalPepsi Trail, #90s
Sweet! You’ve been slapped with a slap bracelet. Gain item. (code: 21)

Homemade VHS tapes in the #CrystalPepsi Trail, #90s
Cool beans! You found some homemade VHS tapes! (code: 23)

JNCO baggy jeans in the #CrystalPepsi Trail, #90s
Lookin fly! You copped some JNCOs. (code: 71)

All 19 events in Crystal Pepsi Trail

Bedazzled station wagon in the #CrystalPepsi Trail, #90s
(code: 3)

Car radio singalong in the #CrystalPepsi Trail, #90s
Pick up your face and join me. You had a kickin’ car singalong with your dawgs. (code: 57)

Dead pager in the #CrystalPepsi Trail, #90s
Whatever! Your pager ran out of batteries. Lose item. (code: 59)

Dial up in the #CrystalPepsi Trail, #90s
Bogus! Dial up was delayed (code: 60)

Tamagotchi died in the #CrystalPepsi Trail, #90s
Dude! Your Tomagotchi died of dysentery. (code: 61)

VHS tapes tangled in the #CrystalPepsi Trail, #90s
Dissed! You got tangled in your VHS tape. (code: 62)

Fax machine jammed in the #CrystalPepsi Trail, #90s
I’m buggin! Your fax machine jammed. (code: 63)

Tape tv show in the #CrystalPepsi Trail, #90s
Ugh! You forgot to tape your favorite TV show. (code: 64)

Totally bogus haircut in the #CrystalPepsi Trail, #90s
Hey dweebs, join me on The #CrystalPepsi Trail, #90s. Ross got a totally bogus haircut. (code: 65)

Scratched CD in the #CrystalPepsi Trail, #90s
Bummer! You scratched your fresh CD! (code: 67)

Station wagon flat tire in the #CrystalPepsi Trail, #90s
I’m buggin! You got a flat tire and had to roller blade the rest of the way. (code: 80)

Trail Guide LA Beast in the #CrystalPepsi Trail, #90s
Trail Guide LA Beast says: LA Beast here. You and your homies are the only ones who can bring the Crystal Fountain back to life. You have the power to #BringBackCrystalPepsi. Have a good day! (code: 69)

Marc Summers in the #CrystalPepsi Trail, #90s
No duh! I’m Marc Summers, beloved 90s game show host. I can see the power of your belief in the 90s is strong. It will guide you to the Crystal Trail’s source. Let the 90s show you the way. (code: 70)

Lost in the mall in the #CrystalPepsi Trail, #90s
Bogus! A party member got lost in the mall. Forever. (code: 72)

Bridge success in the #CrystalPepsi Trail, #90s
Score! You successfully crossed the bridge! (code: 74)

Creepy Crawlers on the bridge in the #CrystalPepsi Trail, #90s
Dissed! You were attacked by Creepy Crawlers! (code: 75)

The 3 guides in Crystal Pepsi Trail

Tunnel success in the #CrystalPepsi Trail, #90s
Wicked! You successfully made it through the tunnel! (code: 76)

Tunnel failure in the #CrystalPepsi Trail, #90s
Dissed! You were attacked by Creepy Crawlers (code: 77)

Furby in the #CrystalPepsi Trail, #90s
No duh! Trail Guide Furby says: Dee-doh! Kah toh-loo may-tah. Dah no-lah! Toh-toh boh ah ee-kah, ay-koo Crystal Pepsi, wee-loo toh. Dah-boo boo-tay oo-nye tay-boo bye-way. Ay-ay! Ay-ay-lee-koo! Booyah. (code: 79)

Introduction screen

Introduction in the #CrystalPepsi Trail, #90s

Oh, snap! Welcome to the Crystal Pepsi Trail!

You’re about to being a great road trip adventure, driving across the storied highways of North America. You, your stylin’ road trip homes, and your ’92 station wagon must travel the Trail in search of the Cyrstal Pepsi Fountain: the source of the long-lost taste you crave.

Back in the day, the Fountain ran dry because the people stopped believing in the 90s. Your mission is to collect as many 90s items along the Trail as you can with your dawgs, as offerings to return the Crystal Pepsi Fountain to bubbling. You might be the only true 90s fan who can restore the Fountain to its former glory.

Good luck, dude!

Let’s Roll

Play the game today. I got 7,800 points. You can probably do better than that.

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7 years ago

I guess if you’re going to have a station wagon it should be bedazzled, but what happen to the bling when I got a flat tire? Is the answer so obvious … Marc Summers?

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