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Dark optimism or bright optimism?

Together we're f****ed

It’s weird how someone can call the phrase “Together, we’re fucked” to be optimistic. It’s a rather perverted look on optimism. Give Sarah Nardi’s article a read, “Artist Joel Fisher chooses to see the bright side.”

The artist claims he’s focusing on the word “together” in “together we’re fucked.” Frankly, whichever word you emphasize in that phrase, it’s still a negative phrase. Coupled with the artwork of a bunch of dead fish… Yeah, sure, the fish are together, but they are first and foremost dead fish.

Ok, maybe I’m taking a bad angle on this–which would be ironic, because I’m arguing for a true optimistic look–but when I saw the headline for this article in my Google Reader, I was excited for the potential of an artist who has an optimistic look on life. The author of this review makes a good point that you make due with what you have. And yes, we face reality of the circumstances, but the work is still a negative piece first, with a tinge of optimism within it. I would this work, dark optimism.

The artwork itself is a nice piece of art. Visually interesting. Message is interesting. I do like this piece. But I wouldn’t call it a bright optimism.

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How is the word “Together” being used in grammatical terms? That’s the optimal word that’s receiving all the attention. In this case the verb could be any verb at all as long as “we’re together”. The god in this setting is the god of community. Truly postmodern. Truth is replaced with community.