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Developing the voice for the White-out Monster

The other White-out Monster

One part finger monster. One part white-out. Inspired by Magritte’s surrealism exhibit at the Art Institute.

Take all these together and what do you have? The “White-out Monster” who likes to paint things white.

Yesterday I wrote up an interview with this fictional character. If you haven’t had a chance to read the interview, please do check it out.

It was fun developing the character and voice. The character still needs loads of work, but I’m liking how he has a historical aspect, having lived for thousands of years. He has been able to influence great artists of the past to work with white materials. In some cases, he’s also able to cover items in white.

His voice still needs to be further refined. Is he a high-minded Brit? Or a rough-n-gruff monster?

Director of the WXAV radio station, Peter Kreten (who also happens to be my cousin), wrote a comic book review for Hellboy Vol 2. He praises the author saying, “Hellboy does an excellent job of combining that Universal Monster’s feel with Indiana Jones style adventure.”

Which made me realize. White-out Monster is a MONSTER. I don’t normally think about Hellboy as a MONSTER, but he is one. Perhaps I could inject more of the monster into the White-out Monster’s character, but keep the artist balance at the same time. Just as Hellboy is a monster, yet also like Indiana Jones.

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