Did you ever have an answering machine?

If you have a machine, you feel obligated to return a bunch of calls you'd rather not have received in the first place

(Calvin and Hobbes comic strip courtesy of Gocomics.)

I love how Calvin and Hobbes reruns bring back the past. Take a look at the first line, “I think we should get an answering machine.” Oh, the days of deciding to have an answering machine. I remember going home to my first apartment and always checking my answering machine.

Did you ever have one?

My answering machine was hooked up to my landline phone which spelled 773-QUIZ-DAY. I would put questions on my answering machine and ask people for answers. Which is rather fitting for an ANSWERING machine to ask for ANSWERS.

I’m assuming for those who had an answering machine on a landline, that you no longer have the landline; because who has a landline anymore these days? It would be fun to call your old phone number and ask for yourself. It would be like Future-You calling Past-You.

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