Discovering podcasts from 14 years ago

Podcasting is a huge business these days, weighing in at $11.07 billion market value in 2020. Expected to grow to $60.50 billion in 2027. WOW!

Long before podcasting became huge, back in 2006, I helped to start the Chicago Podcast Meetup group. The great Leigh Hanlon, one of coworker friends at Tribune Media Services, shared a love for podcasts. He invited me to help with the group.

Chicago Podcast Meetup logo (designed by organizer Tom)

On October 3, 2006, we had our first meetup. In anticipation of this ground-breaking event, I published a blog post with a list of the planned attendees. Every name in the list has a link to their respective podcast. You’ll see my name on the list at the bottom, but I have no link to my podcasts, because I had no podcast back then.

At that point in 2006, I had been blogging almost every day for five years. Podcasting seemed to be a natural branch from blogging. The podcast meetups were fantastic for meeting other people who regularly put out podcasts, learning how they do it. They were an inspiration. But honestly, I always felt a little silly for being one of the organizers, but not having my own podcast.

And now in 2020, I find five podcast episodes I recorded in February and March of 2005!!!

Whoaaaaa! I have podcast episodes from 2005?! I nearly fell out of my chair when found these exist. I had completely forgotten that I recorded these!

The audio quality is extremely bad. I don’t know what these episodes are recorded with—probably on my flip phone (LG VX6000). But hey, the podcast audio files exist! The episodes are pretty much me rehashing blog posts I made.

Matt Maldre’s five podcast episodes from 2005:

Later on in 2007, I recorded eight more podcasts that were on my dedicated podcast website, But I took the site down in 2012. For now, here’s a screenshot of the 2007 files.

Maybe I’ll start recording new podcasts of my blog posts now. It’s fun having an audio version.

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