Do you get the words “flair” and “flare” mixed up?

A humorous comic-style split scene. On the left, a character gleefully holding a Christmas present with extra decorative "flair" and a badge that says "Flair" on his shirt. On the right, the same character wearing a tin foil beanie, looking up in awe at a massive solar "flare" in the sky. The words "Flair" and "Flare" are written in bold comic fonts in their respective sections.

An old friend from school recently shared on Facebook: “Confession: I’m pretty good at spelling, but ‘flare’ or ‘flair’ gets me each time.”

It’s intriguing to ponder — how often do we incorporate “flair” into our written pieces? I couldn’t recall using it often, but with over two decades of blogging and more than 2,500 posts to my name, I decided to dive in and check.

The result? “Flair” appeared in 10 of my posts, and “Flare” in 5 posts. My favorites:


Remember Pieces of Flair on Facebook? (Facebook Flair)

I like to decorate Christmas presents with a little extra flair. (A new Christmas tradition: Decorate a pineapple with tiny ornaments – Spudart)

What’s going on with the Old English font for “115th Congress”? It’s a nice attempt to give more flair, but it introduces another font onto a ticket with many different fonts. (The history of the State of Union ticket design)

Celebrating your fun summer and the finale of autumn. Finishing the season in a flair of color and delight. (the trees of the field will clap their hands)


Buy a stockpile of tin foil and start making beanies for your neighbors, because we are going to be under major attack by solar flares in 2012. (GET YOUR TIN FOIL BEANIES ON! Solar flares to increase beyond measure in 2012)

If a company with the word “solar” in their name, would they have issues with the recent x-class solar flares? (Companies with “solar” in the name)

(image generated by ChatGPT)

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