Do you want support or understanding?


Thanks to Kelly Ryan O’Brien for posting this on her Idols and Egos blog

Yeah! I think this is why I always want honest critiques of my work. The past few months I’ve been thinking a lot about if I want support or understanding. I can’t complain when I get support. Support is great. But what I really desire is understanding. So often people are just willing to just give support and not understanding by saying, “that’s nice” without a reason why it’s nice. Without really understanding what you are trying to achieve.

It comes to that taste thing that Ira talks about. I have this taste, vision, thing in my head. And when I make something that doesn’t come out right, I want to learn from it. And keep pushing forward. But then there are people who are nice and say what I did is nice, and all i can think in my head is how my artwork there isn’t really nice.

So yeah, I’ll take the nice support. But I want honest understanding more than anything.

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12 years ago

I understand the feeling of being misunderstood. Keep searching for people who can understand you pretty good. You may never get 100%, but you may get 90% and that 90% can feel pretty good. 🙂

Tom Saaristo
12 years ago

“Nice”. Really? Do you really want to hear “That’s nice”? You might as well here “That’s boring”. Maybe people are just trying to be kind because they like you. “That’s nice”. I’d rather hear a real critique. “Nice”. Pleh! Remember what I said the other night? When people say “Just kidding”, they most certainly aren’t! Him: “Just kidding!” Her: “That’s nice”

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