Dodgeballs used in the National Amateur Dodgeball Association

I’m looking to buy some official dodgeballs used in the National Amateur Dodgeball Association (from: Does anyone want to get one too? They cost $20.00 each with $3.50 to ship an individual ball. But the shipping is only $7.70 for a set of six balls. If you want to buy just one ball, I’ll get a set of six, but all you have to pay is the $20–I won’t charge you for shipping–as long as you live in the Chicagoland area.

I’m planning on buying two balls to practice with. I just need to get rid of the four other balls. Any takers? If so, any preference on the color? White, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. I’m leaning to blue, because my team colors are blue.

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Abhay Shah
Abhay Shah

$20 is a lot of money for a ball.

Tom Saaristo

Your tream colors are blue and orange! That is SO cool! That’s my favorite pair of complimentary colors :^D

laura k.
laura k.

i would like a dodge ball that changes colors like that. now THAT’S worth $20!


I’ll buy the extra balls–I don’t care what colors you have left


orange and blue are my favorite complementary colors as well.