Does the head of the CTA, Forrest Claypool, ride the CTA every day?

The head of the CTA should experience what all the riders experience.

1. Getting onto a crowded standing-room only train.

2. Having your monthly CTA pass break then while you wait for the CTA to process you a new pass, paying for a five-day pass on top already paying for a monthly pass.

3. Being told to get off a train with 400 other people without any explanation.

It’s one thing to hear about these stories. It’s another thing to live through them. As the head of a system where people experience these problems, the head of the CTA should experience them as well, so he can better address how to handle them.

As a CTA rider it would give me a little bit of satisfaction knowing that when a train is delayed that the head of the CTA is experiencing the same thing.

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