Does this photo look dark to you?

Does this photo look extremely dark to you? On my monitor at home it looks fine, but at work it’s very dark

It should look bright, not dark. When I worked on this photo at home it didn’t look like the bean was under cloak of darkness. (The lighter photo is now the current photo on flickr)

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Tom Saaristo
11 years ago

Looks like it was shot at night … the sky, the bright lights and their reflection on the ground. Definitely looks dark

Andre Alforque Alforque

Everyone will have different settings of their monitors. And with LCD’s now pervasive, brightness and contrast just don’t mean the same thing. Good luck! P.S. The HDR on this is pretty good; I don’t see any choppy halos.

Tom Saaristo
11 years ago

I’m not saying I don’t like it … your choice as to whether or not you lighten it up. Lights wouldn’t reflect on the ground/ice rink (?) that hard if it was daylight … right? And the glow in the sky in the upper-ish right corner looks like it could be the misty moon. Also, the buildings reflected in Cloud Gate look like they are basking in the glow that are Chicago’s mercury vapor lamps But again, I never said I didn’t like it 😉

Tom Saaristo
11 years ago

I clicked over to alforque’s test on flickr and my monitor is perfectly calibrated

11 years ago

It looks alrite to me. I kind of like the colors in it. It might look dark if we saw the contrast of it on your computer to now. Either way, cool picture.

11 years ago

i’m happy that the Park Grill logo is symmetrical

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