Does the tooth fairy exist? Why not make up your own mythical creature?

The tulips make everything into a cartoon world (2)

What happens with the tooth fairy misses an appointment? Mark Bazer covers the ridiculousness of the tooth fairy’s existence in “The day the Tooth Fairy didn’t come.”

Ridiculous things are great. I want to make up new characters for particular situations. Like if you get a cut on your finger, then… oh wait. That’s Dracula. When it snows, those are actually‚ oh wait, we know that one already. Snowflakes are actually aliens.

How about this one. Every year when the tulips open, it’s because the Magical Artist Ewok has visited to bring more color to our world.

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9 years ago

I think the success of such mystical lore comes from the systematically personal one-on-one experience. The Magical Artist Ewok needs to find a way into distinct events in people’s lives.

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