Don’t judge a sandwich by its cover

Jimmy Johns 13 on wheat

Mary Fons has one of the best blogs in the world. Last week she wrote about enjoying sandwiches with Peace on Wheat. You should really read it. Here’s my comment on her blog post:

The next best thing to Peace on wheat is 13 on wheat. They cut the sandwich in half, I like to take that a step further and split the sandwich horizontally in half, so it’s four open-faced sandwiches. That way I can taste what’s IN the sandwich more.

Actually, that’s a good tip for all sandwiches and burgers. To open it up and let the single bun be the bottom and let the insides see the sun. Enjoy the inside of the sandwich. Bread is nice, but when it seals the top and bottom, you can’t taste the inside as good.

We read the insides of books. We shouldn’t let the cover of a sandwich get in the way of good taste.

How do you enjoy a good sandwich? Please leave a comment on Mary’s blog post, Peace on Wheat.

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