Dragons and dramatic clouds make any photo hilarious

I found a new hilarious thing to do with ai image generators. Take a bland image. Then ask it “Make a high-contrast grayscale version with dragons and dramatic clouds”


I was expecting some cute cartoon dragons flying around. Instead I got:


Whoa. That is… terrifying! I asked Dall-E to make another.

This second image might be even more sinister. Somebody, quick, call the Ghostbusters! I was not expecting this level of rage from the beyond. Especially above a Dollar Store.

The Dollar Store as the context makes it pretty hilarious. Maybe this is only hilarious, because it’s a Dollar Store image? I’m curious how this would look with other images.

Over time, I’ll try applying this prompt to images and see what happens.

Here’s the prompt again:

Make a high-contrast grayscale version with dragons and dramatic clouds

If you use this prompt, please post your images by replying to me on any of these posts on Mastodon, Threads, or BlueSky.

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