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Dyeing the Chicago River Green in fast-motion

Watch a little boat fly up and down the Chicago River releasing green dye (youtube video). The pattern the boat follows looks like the one would use mowing the lawn. Next year I wanna see zig-zags!

If the boat was leave a trail where it would spell out something, what should it spell?

Here’s a few ideas:

* Happy St. Patrick’s Day

* Green!

* Don’t drink the river

* Leprechaun was here

* T-O-X-I-C (from Marco on facebook)

* P-U-K-E (from Leigh on facebook)

* M-A-L-D-R-E (from Lisa on facebook)

* S-P-U-D-A-R-T (from Marco on facebook)

* K-E-L-P M-E (from Todd on facebook)

* T-A-X Dollars… (from Tamima on facebook)

* Chicago dyes the river green?? That sounds like a horrible idea. (from Rose on facebook)

* S-T-O-P -F-R-E-T-T-I-N-G-, –G-R-U-M-P-S-. -T-H-I-S -I-S -F-U-N-! (from Erik on facebook)

* ______________ (your idea here)

* ______________ (your idea here)

Feel free to leave your ideas in the comments or on Twitter, Google Plus, or Facebook.

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It should be noted that “S-P-U-D-A-R-T” has received the most thumb ups on Facebook.