The enduring appeal of eBooks for hard-to-find titles

While I generally have a fondness for physical books, I’ve found that sometimes certain books are just not available in print. Take, for example, the book “An Introduction to Croquet Psychology,” published in 2014. This particular title is a rarity in local bookshops and even on major online platforms like Amazon.

However, the digital landscape offers a solution. The eBook version of this title is readily available on Amazon’s Kindle store. This digital availability ensures that as long as Amazon and Kindle are around, this book will be accessible. This brings up an interesting question about the future of digital platforms like Kindle and Amazon. It’s uncertain whether they will still be around in a century, but that’s a topic for another discussion.

For now, the convenience of being able to access “An Introduction to Croquet Psychology” digitally is undeniable. In a print version, such a rare title might have been priced steeply, perhaps around $50. But in the eBook format, it remains perpetually available and is priced at an affordable $2.99, demonstrating the significant advantage of eBooks when it comes to accessing rare or out-of-print titles.

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Tom Saaristo
Tom Saaristo
7 months ago

I have paid $ome ca$h for out of print book$ becau$e I wanted to feel the interconnectedness with the author. Funny enough, even with phy$ical book$ with a jacked-up price, I’m happy to give them away after I have read them

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