Eiffel Tower time lapse and Twitter account

This is one of my favorite things on the internet. The past 24 hours of the Eiffel Tower in a one-minute time lapse animation.

Screenshot of Eiffel Tower one-minute time lapse built from past 24 hours

This one-minute video file is constantly updated throughout the day to reflect the past 24 hours of the Eiffel Tower.

The source of these images comes from a live webcam. See how the Eiffel Tower looks right now!

@EiffelLive curates lives screenshots of the Eiffel Tower webcam

Seeing the current weather around the Eiffel Tower is so much fun, that I created a dedicated Twitter account @EiffelLive to tweet curated screenshots of the Eiffel Tower webcam.

Curated screenshots from the Eiffel Tower webcam

Here I am sitting in Illinois tweeting about what is the live appearance of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. This is so wonderfully global. Makes me feel more connected to the place where my wife and I had our honeymoon.

Six best tweets of the live Eiffel Tower webcam

Here are some of my favorite tweets I’ve made so far with @EiffelLive.

Simply wow. The Eiffel Tower webcam is stunning at this very moment.
Now the alien mothership is going to consume the Eiffel Tower.
Right now the live webcam of the Eiffel Tower kinda looks like Chicago's Buckingham Fountain.
The Eiffel Tower right now totally looks like the cover of The Great Gatsby!

Sometimes I’ll even photoshop things in.

Paris is so blue right now, here’s Picasso’s Old Guitarist playing the Eiffel Tower.
The overhanging clouds are so thick and heavy, you can hang a swingset from the clouds.

To get the latest updates of the Eiffel Tower, make sure to follow @EiffelLive on Twitter.

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